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Do you want to Shop Local within Colorado? Do you want to discover the best of the best all made in Colorado and support your local economy?  From locally grown, including organic food, to a variety of products such as home building kits, Colorado shoes, ski equipment, and not to mention talented artists and craftsmen that call Colorado home, your choices are unlimited!

Created in Colorado is your source for made in America products. Within Colorado you will discover specialties from and between all points of the state Aspen, Denver, Colorado Springs, Montrose and Telluride are a few of the cities that boast incredible finds you need to learn more about.

How to Shop Local in Colorado

Click on the image that corresponds to what you are looking for and discover someone amazing.  We are pleased to count you in this growing trend in which America returns to producing and buying our own products.

We make it easy for you to shop local.  We provide an opportunity to choose between locally created vs. imported.

We provide you with the ability to choose
Quality Locally Grown Foods
Made in Colorado Goods
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all from

Interested? Lets look at the possibilities!

Locally Grown

Search our Locally Grown Directory to find all sorts of fantastic eats! Each producers listing will tell you where and what time of year their product is available. In addition to looking in our directory, here are some tips for finding the best foods in your area!

  • Does you town have a farmers market? I bet they do, at least seasonally.  You can get the freshest produce this way.  No long voyages for those veggies, just farm to market!
  • Ask you grocer to stock your favorite locally produced items such as jellies, sauces and cereals.  Then spread the word to friends and family to ensure those local products move!
  • Build a relationship.  Build a relationship with a local farmer or rancher.  Getting to know your food and its source.  In today's society we are very removed from our food production.   Lets make a move to change this!


Colorado has some great producers that you may not even know about.  From Home Building Kits and Natural Soaps and Beauty Products to Ski Equipment & Colorado  Shoes our Produced Directory have a lot to offer.

  • Increase Domestic Production.  Wouldn't we all like to see a little less Made In China, Indonesia, Korea, etc and a little more Made in USA?  
  • Quality through Accountability.  You know Colorado made products are well made because your neighbor who made them took their time and care to create them.


Invest in a local art.  Yes, famous art is a good monetary investment.  But local art is a community investment.  Browse Created In Colorado's Handcrafted Directory to find amazing creative works that span from Original Paintings and Handcrafted Furniture to Home Decor and Outdoor Garden Art.

Locally Grown Directory for Created In Colorado
Locally made directory for Colorado produced foods. Including cereals, snacks, baked goods, natural and organic meats, fresh produce.
Produced in Colorado Directory
Look at Produced Directory to find out what everyday items are made in Colorado!
Handcrafted Directory for Created In Colorado
Our handcrafted directory will represents all different kinds of Colorado arts, crafts, and even custom home furniture.
Unique Colorado Gifts
Unique Colorado gifts made right here in Colorado. Take a moment to search our wide variety of gifts available.
Colorado Edibles local foods produced in Colorado
Have the desire to buy fresh and local foods produced in Colorado? We can help you find local producers.
Natural Organic Skin Care
Colorado is full of handmade soap companies and natural organic skin care lines. Artesians creating enticing skin nourishing products.
Colorado Arts and Crafts
Unique Colorado arts and crafts, including handcrafted wares, clever functional art and Colorado fine art are represented at Created in Colorado. Come see what Colorado artists have to offer you.
Shoe Cobbler and Shoe Repair
Some of us might be surprised to lean that people still make footwear by hand – much less in Colorado! There are, however, many talented shoemakers and shoe cobblers right here in our own backyard.
Custom Home Furniture
A collection of businesses who create Colorado made custom home furniture and custom home decor .
The Power of Landscapes: The Lone Cone
The Power of Landscapes: The Lone Cone Mountain has the power to inspire some beautiful pieces of Colorado fine art. Please come see and enter to win one of those beautiful pieces.
Colorado Stores Selling Made in Colorado
Find Colorado Stores that sell quality locally grown produce and foods, manufactured and produced goods and handcrafted items and find art.
Handcraft, Produced, and Locally Grown Unique Colorado Gifts
Find incredible unique Colorado gifts in the Created In Colorado Store! Fashion accessories, healthy snacks, Original paintings by Colorado artists and handcraft greeting cards can be found here.
Created In Colorado Blog
Created In Colorado Blog is your outlet to what is trending in Colorado made products. We will do our best to represent what buying local in Colorado is really about and the issues that surround it.
Created In Colorado Newsletter - helping you to shop local!
Created In Colorado Newsletter is providing a window into the outstanding bussinesses and entrepreneurs that locally grow, handcraft or produce with in Colorado.
Created In Colorado Newsletter Backissues Links
This is your monthly Created In Colorado Newsletter keeping you informed about exciting new producers, artists and local growers!
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Website links and resources
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Created In Colorado offers vendor-member businesses a unique range of online marketing opportunities unmatched by other services.
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Nathalie Bouchard and Laura Sherman are Created in Colorado's founders.
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Please feel free to contact us regarding any items you see listed here or to list with us as a business.
Colorado Gift Basket Fundraising Program
If you are looking to find a unique and interesting Colorado Gift Basket or unique Colorado gifts then look no further, plus all procceeds benefit local non profits!

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