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Interested in giving unique gifts, one of kind treasures or simply want to increase your local gift giving powers? We are making it easy to accomplish all the above!  Coming in the next couple of days we will distribute the 2016 Gift Guide that is going to answer all gift giving conundrums.  For now we encourage you to check out the businesses listed on the site and see what they can offer you.  Each one produces high quality Colorado made treasures of one category or another!  

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Not here for unique gifts? That means your here to shop local, good news for you.  Check out the grids below.

Interested in shopping local? If you are ready to to discover one of kind quality products only found in Colorado, then we invite you to sit back and stay a while. Browse our directoriesRead a few blogs You might just find yourself surprised by the amount and variety of products local Coloradans are making.Within Colorado you will discover specialties from and between all points of the state.  Within Colorado you will discover specialties from and between all points of the state. Pick a city and ......Aspen, Denver, Colorado Springs, Montrose and Telluride are a few that boast incredible producers that you can learn more about.

If you continue to scroll down the page you will find Colorado companies that make the following, just to name a few:

  • Colorado shoes and clothing
  • skis, snow shoes, & outdoor apparel 
  • home building kits & yurts
  • fresh foods, veggies, herbs & fruits
  • cereals, breads, treats & packaged foods
  • Colorado raised meats & meat products
  • original paintings, prints and sculpture
  • unique handcrafted gifts
  • cards, custom made leather goods, home furniture & decor

Locally Grown

How to Shop Local on Created In Colorado.com

Click on the image above that corresponds to what you are looking for and discover someone amazing.  Check back often to see what's new and let us know about Colorado discoveries that you make!

Use the Locally Grown Directory to find fantastic Colorado grown and prepared foods. Each producers listing will tell you where and what time of year their product is available.  In addition to looking in our directory, here are some tips for finding and enjoying the best foods in your area!

  • Does you town have a farmers market? I bet they do, at least seasonally.  You can get the freshest produce this way.  No long voyages for those veggies, just farm to market!
  • Ask you grocer to stock your favorite locally produced items such as jellies, sauces and cereals.  Then spread the word to friends and family to ensure those local products move!
  • Build a relationship.  Build a relationship with a local farmer or rancher.  Getting to know your food and its source.  In today's society we are very removed from our food production.   Lets make a move to change this!


The Produced Directory below is loaded with Colorado businesses that are making, producing or creating items/products that range from everyday goods such as natural beauty products, Colorado shoes and clothing to home building kits and ski equiptment. Some other reasons to think "shop local first" that we came up were:

  • Increase Domestic Production.  Wouldn't we all like to see a little less Made In China, Indonesia, Korea, etc and a little more Made in USA?  
  • Quality through Accountability.  You know Colorado made products are well made because it was your neighbor who made them, and the care, thoughtfulness and time that was invested in each product shows.


Invest in a local art.  Yes, famous art is a good monetary investment.  But local art is a community investment.  Browse Created In Colorado's Handcrafted Directory to find amazing creative works that span from Original Paintings and Handcrafted Furniture to Home Decor and Outdoor Garden Art.

  • Good Craftmanship. Good craftmanship shows. It just does.  Paying more upfront for quality built furniture, home decor, etc will  pay off in the long run
  • One of Kind.  Because handmade greeting cards, stained glass art and handcrafted jewelry are just better when they are not mass produced.

Created In Colorado has comprehensive directories for almost anything that is made in Colorado.  We strive to provide you with the best information on producers, whether you are looking for unique gifts or everyday useful items.  Supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs is the main focus of Created In Colorado.  This focus is part of the larger picture of supporting businesses that sell, create and promote Made in America products.  If you are a business that would like to be featured on our site and join us in this common goal, please visit our vendor page.

If you know if a business that makes, grows or handcrafts something in Colorado and you would like to see them on this site, please let us know