Free Online Marketing Tools

Trying to schedule, implement, create and connect dozens of social media actions can overwhelm you in the long run.  Instead, have it done for you! Yes, that is what I said, HAVE IT DONE FOR YOU.  FOR FREE.  Here is a list of our favorite free apps that we use to make our lives a bit easier.  Quite a few tools are listed here so make sure and bookmark our webpage for viewing later.

Sending out email newsletters from your everyday email provider showing everyone's address in the address line definitely looks unprofessional these days, and it is no longer the most efficient way to communicate.  Plus, you can hardly comply with the mandatory unsubscribe links.
There is a better way.  Sign up for an email campaign provider.  Try MailChimp, AWeber, or Constant Contact.  What are some of the reasons to do this today? It’s free, more professional, schedulable (remember we need to plan ahead to save time later), and has A/B Line Testing available.  We've been using MailChimp for years now, and we appreciate how it has assisted us in building our email lists in a professional way.  The additional free analytics are also pretty useful when you need to learn about what content your listeners want to hear more about.

Building Your Email List
This topic needs far more attention than we are going to give it today....but we have a couple of important things to say about this topic and some recommendations.

  • Building your list should be a top priority.  Its one way to communicate with your customers that no one can take away from you
  • There is lots of different ways to capture emails; popups, landing pages, banners, in text optin forms.  Just make sure you are using at least one of these!

One company we recommend for this is ConvertKit.  They offer landing pages, optin forms and have a great email automation program. They are not a free program but do have a $60 day money back guarantee.  Check them out,

Social Media Post Scheduling
Do you think that those business pages that have five and more posts per day have a real person behind each post? They are scheduled!  Start scheduling your posts to:

  • Get rewarded with more traffic
  • Get access to different fans throughout the day
  • Drop the stress of trying to stay up with multiple social media accounts multiple times per day. Yikes! When are you supposed to build your product?
  • Most “schedulers” will schedule to many of your social channels at once---so yeah---one and done.

There is different companies to assist with this: Hootsuite, Buffer, Crowdbooster and SocialFlow. (We have not vetted Crowdbooster or SocialFlow yet, but they have good reviews).

Life Organizers 
With our supercomputers in our hand you can feel one of two things:
1.Empowered - You can manage a team, business and family with this single piece of technology,
2.Enslaved - YOU can feel managed by your super computer.  Unable to be present, chained to checking updates, sharing, and glancing awaiting your next “beep through”.
Our phones, our laptops, and the internet have changed the way we communicate.  Everyone knows this.   We dibble dabble in more information every hour than the generation before us viewed in a day.  This being said it’s important to find ways to manage the info and content being fed to us.  And yes, there is an app for this. ☺

Love Sticky Notes?
Try Trello.  It is sticky notes on steroids.  I love sticky notes, I love  The best part is you can move them and they never lose their sticky backing! You can make a to do list sticky note, give it a check box, even assign team members to your to do list. 

Your Yellow Legal Pad come to Life
Evernote is a great place to store notes, documents, drafts, links, shopping lists and of course random thoughts. Your options are countless.  It’s similar to Trello in that you brain dump onto it and not risk losing your “note” into the fireplace or trashcan.  You can organize your files just like on your hard drive of your computer but for some reason it’s more---useful seeming.  Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Keep your STUFF in one place
Consider Dropbox for managing all your files, pics and storage needs.  You upload a pic from your phone to dropbox and when you get home you can grab it on your home computer.  Dropbox works great for sharing large files or large groups of pics with others.  There are lots of cloud based systems out there.  You should consider using one of them, it could make your life a bit easier.

Do you feel like your time often DISAPPEARS?
Timly is a fun app that encourages you to get things done in a “Timly” manner.  Set a timer for yourself in Timly for a certain project or track time spent on certain jobs or clients as well.  Timly is a very simple but powerful tool if time tends to get away from you. 

Get Your Calendar Online
Like pen and paper? That’s fine.  I do as well but, duplicate that pen and paper calendar into an online calendar.  Then make sure and set reminders for important dates, appointments, meeting times.  This is the one feature my pen and paper just can’t do.  And this is a feature you should not do without as well!  

Let us know what you think.  Which of these topics would you like to hear more about? Let us know below! Please and thank you.  :)