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Created In Colorado, Issue #009--August 2013 With Working Links!!
August 13, 2013
Hello Again Friends!

So Sorry! Some of the links in the August Issue I sent did not have working links, these have been fixed. Dont forget to check out each one of the artists below!

How many of you reading this know of an artist or have seen a piece of art that is so amazing that you want to brag about it, share it, show it, even buy it? You might have seen it in a gallery, a home, magazine, or studio, but regardless, it impacted you.

Below we highlight some of Created In Colorado’s artists, each creating intriguing works of art using different types of media, including watercolor, acrylic, oil, pencil/ink, and woodblock painting.

Maurer Art Studio

Bob Maurer, of Maurer Art Studio is primarily a watercolor artist but also enjoys using oils, pen, inks and acrylics.

Ann Swift

Ann Swift works in a number of media, from clay and watercolor, to oil paint, pastels, and etching. The scope of her pieces range from 4”x6” watercolors, to 14’ oil murals.

Shirley Miller

Shirley Miller primarily paints watercolors, but does so much more including pencil & ink drawings, acrylics and photography.

Jackson Ordean

Jackson Ordean's style and watercolor technique is a derivative of the West Coast Modern Watercolor style that began in the 1950's and has continued to grow the last 60 years internationally.

Meredith Nemirov

Meredith Nemirov a unique artist who, since June of 2012 has been working on something unique and different in itself;

Twelve Views of the Lone Cone Mountain from Woodblock Prints.

Thanks for your time and thank you for subscribing to this newsletter and choosing to find out more about the incredible producers, artists and craftsmen in Colorado.

Be Well,

The Created In Colorado Team

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