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Created In Colorado Newsletter, Issue #008--July 2013
July 10, 2013
Hello Friends!

How is July suiting you? Our summer is just trucking along. It could slow down a bit couldn’t it? It will be over before any of us know it.

Today I wanted to give a shout out to Colorado manufacturers and producers. It’s not easy to begin a production business and those that are in motion deserve your support. • They improve your communities with their tax revenues. • They improve your household and self with their products.

Consider these products when you are shopping for the following items; Colorado shoes, shoe repair, home building kits, educational programs. It is a random lot I know, but I know that each of you reading this will consider at least one of these products in the near future, when you do, remember to shop local first. Here are our recommendations:

Som Footwear

These Colorado shoes were designed and developed and are set to go into full speed production in Norwood, Co by Mid August 2013. Som Shoes are designed to help restore the balance and strength you find when walking barefoot. You can put your order in for your first edition shoes today! Just contact Oli 970.519.0056 or email Oli, and subscribe to their monthly newsletter,

J&J Boot & Shoe Repair

J&J Boot and Shoe Repair obviously performs exceptionally quality boot and shoe repair, but also does so much more! KJ and Jessica will even repair trampoline mats and horse tack!

EZ Hogan

EZ Hogan has created a home building kit that is as easy as 1,2,3. Shop, Purchase, Assemble! These home building kits come together so easily you won’t believe it! You can use them as the frame work for your home or a gazebo or a mother in laws unit! The options are endless! Visit to learn more.

Math and Money

Math & Money is a curriculum created by Christine B Odle and her partner, Jeffry Neuhouser. It is designed for students in grades 4, 5, and 6. It is designed to teach practical skills in math and money. It is perfect for public schools, private schools, and home schools. They are working to incorporate their program Math and Money into school’s curriculum state and nationwide. Find out more,

Recently Discovered! Confluence Gallery

Confluence Gallery is a recently created artist coop in downtown Delta, Co. Confluence Gallery is full of arts, crafts and goods by local artisans and artists. You will find Confluence Gallery on Fourth and Main in Delta, Co. Stop by and see them on your way thru or make it your destination! Like them on Facebook to stay apprised of incredible events, demonstrations and visual displays

Thanks for your time, I know it is precious. Check out these manufacturers and the unique gallery above, I know you won’t be disappointed. Oh, one more thing......slow down and enjoy your summer.

Be Well,

The Created In Colorado Team

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