Created In Colorado Newsletter,
Issue #13--December 2013

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We Choose Local, Do you?

Jingle Bells is on the radio, Christmas movies are airing each night on the television, and holiday shopping commercials seem to be everywhere.  Yes, captain, we have landed in the midst of the Holiday Season.

What do the Holidays mean for you? For me its family, friends and a general cheeriness that season seems to generate in everyone.  And more recently the magic of seeing my children BELIEVE.  It’s beautiful and I wish only that we as adults could see with the same innocence they do.

Here Is An Idea
So in the spirit of giving this Holiday Season, GIVE WITH PURPOSE, and of course RECEIVE WITH GRACE.  Below is something someone shared with us earlier this year on Facebook.  It’s a clever way of stating how, giving with purpose, you could make someone, in addition to your gift recipient’s day, a touch bit brighter this season.

So we encourage you to check out our gift guide, I bet you will be able to cross at least one person off of your list.  For now here a few ideas to get your gift giving juices rolling.

Useful and Unique

Andies Undies
Innovative Women's Long
Underwear/Base Layer

Horse Mountain Alpacas
Hats, gloves, dryer balls and much more created from Alpaca wool

Spirits Within
Hair accessories for young girls

Dirty Water Soap Company
Handcrafted soaps

Lone Cone Cattlewomen Association
Unique "Brand Blanket" Afghans composed of artwork and local brands

Pleasant View Winery
Organic wines made with no added sulfites

If you were looking for a unique well-crafted gift, you have found it.

When you buy a Flower Felicity pressed flower birdhouses, you are getting a one-of-a-kind item. Andrea never makes replicas of anything--nor could she as most flowers aren't alike! Each side of the “little cottages” are adorned with similar flowers, with the front and the back of the bird home differing.  Each birdhouse is signed, dated, and given a title (usually on the bottom). These birdhouses are decorative only! The dried pressed flowers will not last outside, but indoors, they do. Go to Flower Felicity Etsy store to find these and other unique gifts such as bejeweld horseshoes and other pressed flower art.

Don't just choose to dine of on local foods this holiday season, gift them!
Wine lovers Unite! Visit our wine directory to find local wines near you.
And to complement your gift of wine, consider hand painted wine glasses created by Abby Arts.

Prime Rib, Stuffed Pork Loins, Glazed Ham or will Turkey be at the center of your table this year?Look in our meats directory for good choices for local meats.

Fresh Baked Breads, labor involved = zero
What will you do with your extra time? Considering the workload of mixing, kneading, rising and baking the fresh bread for your Holiday spread has been taken care of by someone other than you, what will you do with your extra time?

So lets review:  

  • Look into getting at least one local gift this year, if not more.
  • Its on your list to review the gifts selection we have on all created with in Colorado
  • Include one local food item on your menu this year.  It could be local eggs in your pumpkin pie, or a loaf of crusty bread.
  • Please Like Us on Facebook, our goal is to reach 500 likes by the end of December! Thanks.

That’s all we have for today, but make sure and watch your inbox during the week of the 18th, because there is going to be a special edition Last Minute Gifts and Special Stocking Stuffers Newsletter.