Created In Colorado Newsletter,
Issue #11--October 2013

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This is your monthly CinCO Newsletter keeping you informed about exciting new producers, artists and local growers! 

Halloween. It’s a super fun celebration that so many of us partake in each year.  Have you ever thought about where all your treats, tricks and costumes are made?  Ever wish your costumes were just a better quality? Maybe proudly made within America or even created in Colorado?  Would you believe me if I told you I found some pretty outstanding choices?  You have to check these out, and do it today, because it’s only 2 weeks until Halloween!

Halloween Costumes

Dragon Bait Stew Fabulous, Unique and Contagiously Fun! That sums up Dragon Bait Stew.  Dragon Bait Stew is family owned and operated out of Denver, Colorado.  Each costume piece they create is truly a one of a kind wearable work of art. Unique handcrafted costume accessories such as hats, dragons heads, boas, and masks work as a great place to begin if you plan on having a remarkably and unique costume.  They also do custom costumes for other events such as Steampunk-Con, Comic-Con, Renaissance Festival or a Mardi Gras Ball.  Check them out to learn more!

Fanta Absolutely stunning, unique feathered masks by Fanta Faces are a great costume starter!! They are wearable works of art. Visit  to see them for yourself. Affordably priced starting at $28! Guaranteed to be the most comfortable mask you will ever wear. After Halloween is over these fantastic feathered masks can decorate a wall to patiently wait for their next wearing at a New Year's Eve Gala or for Mardi Gras Celebrations.  Learn more at:

Halloween Decor, Tricks and Treats

It was difficult to find created in Colorado made treats to stuff little goblins and witches treat bags with, so we broadened our search to American Made.  US Love List proved to be an invaluable resource for this.  They have done the research and have lots of great choices for you. Here is the link,

Decorations are something you reuse year after year.  I still have my mother’s cackling witch from 1988.  This is case and point right?  Its true you use them only one season per year, but if you are going to reuse them for the next thirty years it’s better to have quality items.  Check out US Love List’s American Made Decorations.  Really cool stuff!  Here is the link,

One more thing......
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Well I better wrap it up, it’s hard to not go on and on about the awesome producers we find.  Thanks for your time and make sure and don’t forget to embrace your inner child this Halloween!