Colorado Made Wooden Toys

It was 1980 something, the smell of milled pine coated the air, and the aroma of fresh baked oatmeal cookies wafted through the workshop. It was Carl B Shephard’s wood workshop and one of my favorite places my mother would take my brother and I in the summer. Carl B Shepherd was a retired pilot who had taken up a wood toy building hobby. He built the most amazing train sets, trucks, doll furniture, and full sized furniture. His showroom had shelves beginning on the floor and going all the way to the ceiling lined with handmade toys.

Carl B Shepherd has passed on but his toys still remain in many households. These are toys that won't degenerate, don’t go out of style, aren’t composed of strange and dangerous chemicals and for most of us have some really wonderful nostalgic value. Wooden toys in nature are built to last and be passed on from child to child.

Created in Colorado is currently looking for wooden toy makers, if you are a wood crafter we would love to represent your business. Please contact us.