So What, I am in Denial…..about my deodorant.

There is a somewhat sensitive subject that I would like to talk about with you.  It’s deodorant, specifically the argument about using traditional vs aluminum free deodorant.  This is one of those subjects I have long avoided because I personally am in denial about the effective deodorant that I use.  It’s Secret.  Yes, I am aware that aluminum based products have been linked to breast cancer, and yes I lost my mother to breast cancer, but I have a body odor problem, and well, I like having friends. 

And please don’t lecture me on the fact that our bodies need to cleanse themselves of toxins and we are blocking that oh so important process with antiperspirant.  I know already!

What ABOUT those Aluminum Free Deodorants on the market?

So, what about natural deodorants that don’t contain those oh so effective Aluminum based ingredients? Well, I have tried a couple of safe solutions over the years, but never using any one product for more than two days probably has skewed the results.  So far I am not the biggest fan. 

But alas, I am getting on in my years, I have young children and I am beginning to realize that life is very precious and I need to find some safer solutions to my need of friends and scent control.

So, with age comes wisdom, and my wisdom is telling me to get something safer for my pits.  So this is what I plan on trying: Lemongrass Spa Products Natural Deodorant.

They offer it in a couple of different scents, I am going to try Grapefruit Lily.

Why Make This Decision?

I have tried other Lemongrass Spa Products and they have all been amazing.  That is why I decided to give their natural deodorant a shot.   I will return and add to this blog post with my results.  I hope I have some great results to share with you so I can give each of you a great recommendation on safe aluminum free deodorant that will help you keep your friendships as well!

If you are looking for aluminum free deodorant then look in our organic skin care directory of Colorado manufacturer's.