Basic SEO Tips

It’s not black magic (or the Easter Bunny as we discussed in a previous post)! It’s online marketing. If you are not yet convinced that online marketing is a “thing” that you want to be investing in, read this post.

It does seem a bit like magic sometimes, black magic: angry, dark magic that refuses to do our bidding. Sometimes it does as we hoped and it appears a bit less mystical, a bit more controllable… but then the algorithms change once more.

Often times online marketing feels more like black magic than a controllable strategy, but the truth is your web traffic, rankings and your online presence can be controlled by YOU. 

Well, mostly.

The algorithms used to measure your content, websites and basically everything you contribute to the web change constantly. And while it seems this is being done to mess with our patience and sanity, the real purpose is to give web surfers (your potential fans and customers) the best possible results, experience, etc.  

So, how do you manage this constantly-changing marketing landscape?

-       Stay informed about what’s new and relevant in search and content.
-       Keep in mind “Always the best stuff – never fluff.” (We will elaborate on this more below, but this philosophy guides basically 70% of search engine guidelines)
-       DO – follow tried and true guidelines.
-       DON’T – try get-traffic quick schemes.

Outlined below are five tips to help sort out the magic, confusion and strategy behind online traffic and SEO (search engine optimization), and ultimately create success for your business.

1. Inbound Links

DO build inbound links. Why? Authoritative inbound links tell search engines you are the real deal. Other sites or businesses endorsing your business proves to their precious fans and traffic that they trust you enough to send business your way. 

DON’T go gangbusters building link exchanges with sites you don’t know and trust. It’s like this:  You are baking cookies, then you realize you are out of butter. Will you send your seven-year-old son to the questionable tenants across the street in the creepy house to borrow some butter? Or will you send him to Mrs. Noodle’s, the house with the kindly, retired woman with gentle eyes who you know and trust?

Google and the other search engines rank inbound links in much the same way: links should come from a similar relevant industry source – a source like yours.

Relevant: Created in Colorado to a made-in-Colorado company website

Not relevant: Created in Colorado to a how-to-survive-pregnancy website

Exception: Created in Colorado linking to a page on How to Survive that talks about herbal tinctures that are produced in Colorado.  Does that make sense?

2.         Keywords Are Still the Bomb

If you have a website or are using other web platforms and are still not using keywords, we need to talk. This is the main way google knows how to locate you, catalog you and ultimately put your page under noses.

DO a keyword search using google keyword planner or other keyword tool to find the relevant search terms and words on your industry. Use these keywords everywhere in your content and in social media – and don’t forget to use those hashtags ### when using #socialmedia.

DON’T use your own words and end up waiting and hoping that someone is going to arrive on your site.

How we use keywords on our website: Our website’s main concept is: “shop local.” This concept is supported by the keywords of each of our vendors. When we do a keyword search for our vendors, usually their keyword toolbox consists of a couple of power words and dozen support words. We then share these keywords so both of our companies are talking the same language online about their business.

3.         Stay Solution Oriented

Stay solution oriented in all things. What does that mean?  In a nutshell, people who are looking for Colorado-made goods are more likely to click on a website called Created in Colorado rather than a website maybe more aptly named “” The latter might get some traffic we were NOT looking for, although the website was formed by two girls that do love Colorado.

As your business and brand grow, you will get the flexibility to do more with your name and company name. 

DO stay solution-oriented in your website name, page names, content on your website, etc.

DON’T use cute names and acronyms – this can come later.

Remember, you are not alone! We really want to use the heck out of the acronym “CinCO”, and eventually we will, but for now we need people to associate our name with our brand and the solutions we offer. 

4.         Your Email: What Is It Saying About You?

We wrote a post about email recently. It is worth the recap to make sure you are doing the basics with the one system that we use each and every day. 

DO include your business name in your email. Better still is to have your domain name.

DON’T set up your email to be cute or cryptic, or worse yet----appear spammy. Leave out numbers, special characters or cryptic words or names that don’t make sense. These are fine for your personal email, but NOT your business email.

Best case scenario:
Next best scenario:
Worst scenario:

Which one are you likely to find if you are searching through your inbox and you remember the company name but not the email?

5.         Good Content Is King

Create viable, relevant, interesting, followable, sharable, incredible CONTENT. Do this, and you will conquer all the black magic that the search engines can throw your way. Why? Because though it’s hard to imagine, the search engines want us to please our traffic. They just want it to appear in a certain quality way. 

DO stick to your topic and over deliver every single time. Promote it. Don’t forget to promote it! You took all this time to create something special, so make sure it gets seen!

DON’T post content simply to post content.

Bonus Tip:

Make sure you are using social media as well! For more info on picking which social platform to spend your time on, check out this post.

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