Beef, it's NOT just what's for dinner.....

It’s the middle of January and my skin is screaming out a SOS.  I am wary of many off the counter lotions that would aid my dry skin.  I have found a couple of great moisturizers from different Colorado companies that work really well, but when you are talking all over body application, winter can’t be over soon enough for my pocket book. 

Then a couple of weeks ago a friend turned me onto a unique, inexpensive moisturizer, that is safe enough to eat, so I know I can put it on my skin. 

It’s Beef Tallow.  Don’t react.  Please don’t leave to check your email now.  Hear me out.  Animal Tallow or fat has been used for literally centuries to care for winter bitten dry skin.  Its super safe, 100% all natural and can even be considered organic if your animal is organic, so…….this is the line of rationing that I used when a friend Mary Fourney gave me a jar of “all natural oganic skin care.” The instructions she left with my husband when she left it with him were, it’s good for anything…….Anything? I called her for clarification, as it turns out she has been using it for dry chapped skin for years. 

Can Winter Skin Be Saved by Beef Tallow?

I can’t lie, it took me about a week of thinking about what “beef tallow” was, and how unappetizing it seemed, but results won have through doubt and it truly works!  The true test was when my hands received a lot of damage when I was grouting my shower during a remodel we are doing.  If any of you have handled grout, you know what it does to your skin.  This beef tallow brought my hands back from the throws of death.

What is Beef Tallow?

Beef Tallow is rendered or cooked beef fat.  In the recipe that Mary Fourney used she stabilized it with a few drops of olive oil, you may also add your choice of essentials oils for scent.  But surprisingly, beef tallow has no scent! I thought I might smell like a giant grilled T Bone steak after I slathered it all over my body.  But I didn’t.  If you want to make your own beef tallow, here is the recipe she used.

Where do you get this wonderful, readily absorbed all natural skin care?

You can easily make it yourself.  If you buy your beef in bulk, which I recommend if you have a additional freezer at home, it’s a huge price savings, then simply have your butcher save the fat he trims off of your animal.  Be firm about it being your animal, and make sure it is an natural or organic beef, because fat is a toxin storage vessel. 

If you don’t buy you beef in bulk, visit your local butcher and put a word in.  But don’t forget you want clean beef fat that is fat preferably from a grass fed organic beef. 

So if you have not considered using beef tallow as a moisturizer, think about it.  Its a lot safer for our bodies than so many other products we apply to our skin.  And don’t forget, our skin is the LARGEST organ in our bodies, we really should think about what we apply to it.  It we would not put it in our mouths, we should not put on our skin.


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