Artist Spotlight: Bill Cullum, Wildlife Artist

Created In Colorado: What’s the name of your business?

Bill Cullum:

Created In Colorado: What type of business is Cullums Wildlife Art?

Bill Cullum:  Fine Art. Offering originals, limited edition prints, bronze marble  & cedar sculptures

Created In Colorado: Do your products retail anywhere?

Bill Cullum: Not at this time.

Created In Colorado: What about online? Websites or online stores:        

Created In Colorado: Why do you do what you do?

Bill Cullum: Nature and Art Interest. I consider it a challenge to draw wildlife and make it look natural and real.

Created In Colorado: What different types of media do work with?

Bill Cullum: Scratchboard art, oil paintings, oil/pastel paintings and pastel.

Created In Colorado: What in the future for you?

Bill Cullum: Hoping to do some more scratchboard paintings.

Learn More About Bill Cullum, Wildlife Artist! Click here to visit Bill's gallery and see many beautiful wildlife paintings and southwest art. To purchase and view Bill Cullums entire collection, you can visit his website,