Full Membership: Blog Post + $75 in merchandise

Featured Directory Listing: Blog Post or $75 in merchandise

Newsletter Advertising: $25 in merchandise

Why Are We Making This Offer?

It’s an easy decision for us- if you are passionate about a topic that relates to or is about a Colorado product, it’s likely that others would also like to learn what you know as well.  We give you a platform to share your knowledge, and in exchange for your knowledge we provide your company with unique opportunity to be seen in our exclusive directory, www.created-in-colorado.com.  But, not only do we want to promote you in our directory, we will promote you in social media as well!  Learn how we promote our vendors on Vendor Page.

Why Merchandise?

We would love you to join traditionally through our vendor page, but if you are merchandise rich and advertising/marketing funds poor, we still want you to have the opportunity to be featured on our website and accelerate your business as others.

What will your merchandise be used for?  It will be used to promote your brand and products further!  It will be used as prizes in drawings, contests and other promotional programs held through social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.  These contests will be focused on bringing fans and traffic to Created In Colorado, where your company’s listing will be waiting to get more exposure.   

Blog Post Parameters

There are a few rules to keep in mind:

-Your content should be informative about a topic, not selling a particular product.

-Your products can be used to support your content, but good quality content provides info, not a sales pitch

-Great topics might include:

                *How to make ________
                *The benefits of using _______product
                *The history of ______trade/product/industry
-We will help you get some good keywords in your blog post.  We have the ability to do keyword searches for you, tell us your topic you want to write about and we will reply with popular keywords.

-Blog Posts have to be related to a Colorado product in some way

Ready To Get Started?

Fill out form below and submit to create a blog post.  If you are interested in tradng merchandise for advertising and promotion, please contact us.

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