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Think Boot Repair, not Boot Removal...

So you have a favorite pair of shoes or boots that have some worn spots? Do you have stitching unraveling or maybe your soles are wearing thin? Don't throw those shoes out!  Repairing your footwear can double the life of your shoes or boots. So repair them, your pocketbook and your feet will thank you.

J&J Boot and Shoe Repair is a great place to get your footwear repaired. With KJ and Jessica you will experience great customer service and your shoes will be repaired with the best of care.

Nothing KJ repairs or creates is generic; his motto is, "It’s all about the custom".

J&J Boot Repair performs custom boot and shoe repair but also goes beyond that to repair other items as well. See below for a full list of available services.

· Resoling of shoes or boots – this can double or triple the life of your shoes
· Replace worn out heels of boots and shoes
· Re-stitch blown out seams
· Oiling and Polishing
· Stretch snug shoes
· Patch holes
· Some custom dyeing available

Ready to get your Footwear Fixed?
Mail it or Drop it to get started.....

Drop your repairs off at the shop: (below is a map)

J&J Boot Repair
50 Buckboard Dr.
Norwood, CO 81423

Here is how you "Mail Order Repair":

Choose an address below depending on which shipping carrier you use. Then simply include , phone, email, and return address in the package.  J&J Boot Repair will contact you the day they receive your items for repair.


J&J Boot Repair
50 Buckboard Dr.
Norwood, CO 81423


J&J Boot Repair
PO Box 336
Norwood, CO 81423

Get a friend the gift of repair!
Gift Cards Available in Store

Other Repair Services Available

They do other repairs as well! Basically any item that you can't quite repair on your home sewing machine is up for fixing. Sometimes we forget to consider whether an item can be repaired.  We live in a throw away society, and we often don't consider repairing we just think about repurchasing!  But repairing is so much cheaper and less wasteful!
Repair rotted trampoline mats
· Tack repair

·  Saddle repair

Custom Handcrafted Products

· Custom Chaps

Contact Info:
J&J Boot Repair
KJ and Jessica Jonson
PO Box 336
50 Buckboard Dr.
Norwood, CO 81423

KJ and Jessica would just like to mention a few more things to you,

· Some items are just beyond repair
· Some shoes are not meant to be fixed, if they try they may just ruin them
· Honest estimates are just that, an honest estimate

So don't throw your footwear out! Call KJ and Jessica at J&J Boot and Shoe Repair and GET THEM FIXED!

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