Broncos, Made in Colorado

Chances are if you are on Created In Colorado looking for locally made Colorado goods, its likely you are also a Broncos Fan.  So we thought we gather some Broncos related material together for you.  Below you find a downloadable schedule, (that is actually a screen saver), some Broncos trivia and yes some of the best Broncos Hostess Gifts we know of!

Broncos Game Schedule

Click here to find a downloadable schedule.
The one above is actually a screen saver!

Best Broncos Hostess Gifts

Well the players are not all sourced from Colorado, but if you look you can find some Made In Colorado Broncos Hostess Gifts.  Here are our picks:

Broncos Chocolate Sucker
Broncos Candy Pizza
Broncos Helmet
Broncos Popcorn

Don't these treats look awesome!!  They are perfect for Broncos Fans, tailgate parties, and make the best Broncos hostess gifts!  You can order your Broncos treat today from Colorado Gift Baskets.  Here is their link:

Football Trivia

Question:  What other day was considered by the NFL before Monday night was chosen for Monday Night Football?  Why?

Answer: Friday. Friday was considered but not chosen out of consideration of the Friday Night Lights.  Friday night has long been reserved for high school football, although some colleges do play as well.