How Did that Food Get to Your Plate? How to find healthy cheap meat

First they recommended Organic Meat, and now it’s Grass Fed Meat, but what about Cheap Meat?

Chances are you have heard in the news headlines or have seen an article regarding the benefits of eating grass fed meat.  Apparently, organic meat is out and grass fed meats are in.   But is anyone else is  just looking for good quality cheap meat?  

I have a small secret I would like to share with you, (well its not a secret, but a little known fact really), you can actually contact producers in your area about buying directly from them, and, yes, I am talking about buying a whole, half or even quarter of an animal. 

Time & $$$

Have you ever gone wrong when buying in bulk?  There are two main benefits I see for my family: $$$ and Time.  Yes, I save money buying in bulk, but time as well! It really cuts down on grocery shopping when you have what you need in your pantry and freezer! 

Who is raising, growing or harvesting your next meal?

Do you know where your last meal came from, if you said yes, that is great! Second question, are you educating your children where there food comes from?  Why ask these questions? 

Well it’s important to know that lettuce come from the ground and no, hamburgers are not manufactured by McDonald's.  (Well not completely anyways!) J

So, want to know why we recommend contacting a producer today?  Because that’s where the cheap meat is!

Get your grass fed beef and eat it too! Order your meat to be finished with grass and not grains, or if you prefer grain fattened, it’s your cheap meat, request that!

No Hormones or Antibiotics.  Most of the hormone and antibiotics found if beef are given during the final finishing(or fattening) at large feedlots, ask your local producer if they have used hormones or antibiotics on their animals, the answer is likely to be no, with the exception of doctoring sick animals.  And that is a way different situation than feed thru antibiotics.

Know the source of your food.  By golly I will say this with vehemence, know the source of the food you eat.  Protein is large part of today’s diet and it really un-complicates things when you have a single verified source sitting in your freezer.  I really don’t need to talk about the opposite of this thinking which is the understanding that,

“Meat is somehow manufactured at the supermarket and no animals were harmed in the process.  That is why I buy my meat from the market”. 

(Yes I really did hear this on Facebook recently.)

Does this look like the supermarket?

Support a Farmer, Producer, and Rancher.  Yes, they really do begin and end you day That is from a recent commercial produced by Monsato.  I don’t agree with them as a company but I sure agree with the message they are promoting, if you have eaten today you really did begin and end you day with a farmer, rancher or producer, and if you want direct farm to mouth flavor, you are going to want to keep those farmers, ranchers and small producers in production.  They feed us because they love doing what they do, they love living and working on the land, and they are a key component of how that food got to your plate.

Don’t forget to consider saving TIME and $$$ by contacting a farmer, rancher or producer in your area.  Look in our Meats Directory to find a producer near you, we hope this is the first step in a lifelong journey of buying healthy, well raised meat for your family.