CinCO on the Road

roadtrip #1
written by Nathalie Bouchard

Every week when I discover a new artist, a new producer, or a special craftsman, I am always in awe.  This week I discovered a new art-gallery/boutique-type shop.  Art by the Park in Ridgway, Colorado offers a great selection of local artists as well as original pieces of art from all over the country, including authentic Native American arts and crafts.  What a great avenue for visitors to the Western Slope to find little gems while sightseeing in the San Juans!  What really impressed me was when I met with the owner Suzanne, who for several years has owned an art gallery in Connotea, New York.  She can tell you the history of each piece in her store and talk about each of the artists, who she knows personally.  If you have an opening in your schedule, take time to ask about her favorite stories regarding any pieces she is exhibiting.  You will hear many interesting anecdotes she has accumulated in life and in art.   Walking into this very intriguing boutique, you will experience the passion of the artists and the owner's own affection for art.  Being a witness to someone's passion is what makes me attached to my Created In Colorado journey.  

Learn more about them!

Art by the Park
380 Sherman St.
Ridgway, CO
Local and national artists, unique one-of-a-kind jewelry, paintings, pottery, photographers, sculpture, ivory carvings, antique baskets, silk scarves, cards & much more.