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Issue #17--March 2014--Colorado Beef, Beer, Irish Whiskey and Lamb

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Colorado Craft Beer, Home Grown Beef,  Grass Fed Lamb and Colorado Irish Whiskey Style

What better topics can you think of to talk about this month of March other than Beef, Beer, Irish Whiskey and Lamb?  It is the month of St Patty's Day is it not?  And during St-Patrick's Day what is celebrated more (other than the free pinch pass), than corned beef, green beer, Irish whiskey and roasted lamb?  So we searched and called and searched some more to find the best Colorado beef and lamb producers and the most hard working craft beer and whiskey producers.  And we are proud to say we found many great choices for you to choose from!

What do you want to hear about first?

Beer and Whiskey? I thought you might say that.  But first we want to tell you about the Shamrock and its meaning........

So, apparently according to Wikipedia, Legend (dating to 1726, according to the OED) credits St. Patrick with teaching the Irish about the doctrine of the Holy Trinity by showing people the shamrock, a three-leafed plant, using it to illustrate the Christian teaching of three persons in one God.[65] 

Now on to the Beer and Whiskey! In honor of St Patrick's Day and the Shamrock, we found a couple of microbreweries that had their own trinity.

Bristol Brewing mission was to make beer that called to mind three things:
quality, purity, and sanity.

Two Rascals Brewing Company's Trinity for its unique craft beers Temperature, Timing and Yeast.

Find these microbreweries and more when you visit our Colorado Microbrewery Directory.  While you are there also visit our Colorado Distillery Directory as well!

Now lets talk whiskey, because its 5:00 somewhere right?

Beef and Lamb

Now lets talk about what kind of food you will be serving for your celebrations, shall we?  Serving corned beef or leg of lamb?  Look in our meats directory for a complete list of incredible beef and lamb producers, but we have one in particular we would like to introduce to you today, this producer offers both grass fed beef and lamb.

Parker Pastures

Pristine, High Mountain 100% Grass-fed Beef and Lamb: Parker Pastures is dedicated to providing you with the purest meats.  We do NOT use any grains, antibiotics, growth hormones, synthetic fertilizers, etc.  Not certified organic... but Beyond Organic and always 100% GMO Free.  Offering quarters, halves, and whole beef and whole lambs throughout Colorado.

Buy a Half, Quarter or just the Brisket:

Another producer we found was Colorado's Best Beef Company, from these guys you can purchase Colorado grown beef by the cut, in particular, brisket, which is certainly on my March menu!

Have any of you thought about making your own home cured corned beef?

It is not a crazy idea apparently, spices, salt, brisket and time are just about all you need to accomplish this adventure.  Check out our home cured corned beef blog post, there you can learn how to created your own corned beef.  Kind of a adventure in the kitchen, but you at least you know what is going into it!

Just as a reminder, Created In Colorado is a online product directory for made in Colorado items.  You can find high quality locally grown, handcrafted and produced items on Created In

Also let us know if you know of a high quality producer you would like to see featured on Created In  Find out about our referral program.

Thanks so MUCH for tuning in this month, watch your inbox for next months newsletter and goodbye for now!

Laura and Nathalie