Colorado Wildflowers Sightings

Over the past couple of weeks in Southwest Colorado the Colorado wildflowers have really begun to bloom and brighten up a otherwise somewhat dry countryside.  Today while out walking I happened upon a long lost friend.  The Evening Primrose. 

It’s a beautiful, delicate, white flower which blooms for such a short time I rarely see them.  And when I get the chance to see one I consider it very special.

The Evening Primrose

Sego Lily, found in Southwest Colorado in Pinion and Juniper areas.  Isn't it beautiful?

Aren’t they beautiful? So delicate and almost not at home in the arid landscapes which it’s found. 

Sego Lily, found in Southwest Colorado in Pinion and Juniper areas.  Isn't it beautiful?

I personally first fell in love with this flower when I worked for the U.S.F.S. in the summers back when I was going to school.  I was enamored with its delicateness, softness and and ability to thrive in tuff, dry areas.  It appears to not have a very long life cycle, so when you see this wildflower, don't forget to stop and enjoy it.

Other Colorado Wildflowers

Our fields, hillsides and backyards are filled with many different varieties of colorful wildflowers.  Another tuff but beautiful flower I enjoy and its our in full bloom right now is the Orange Globe Mallow. 

The orange globe mallow is a sage green plant covered in small bright orange flowers. So pretty.

Orange Globe Mallow

I found a great site ( that has hundreds of wildflowers from Southwest Colorado and beyond.  You should check it out if you would like to learn more about your local wildflowers.  Learn more about Colorado Wildflowers.

Colorado Columbine

Wild Iris

Columbines and Wild Iris's are another one of my favorite wildflowers.  They each embody grace and beauty.

The columbine can be found in the moist cool high country regions of Colorado while the Wild Iris thrives in naturally wet or swampy areas.

Speaking of beautiful flowers, here is a painting of a Columbine by Colorado Artist Shirley Miller.  Shirley takes beautiful Colorado landscape photos as well as amazing oils, watercolor and acrylic paintings.

Indian Paintbrush

It is hard to say I have one favorite then I continue on rattleing on about nne thousand others.  But how can I not talk about Indian Paintbrush.  I think this might have been my childhood favorite, maybe even before the Evening Primrose.  Indian Paintbrush has it all, a great name, bold bright red color and unique shape.  Picture to come soon!

Below are other wildflowers growing literally in my backyard in Southwest Colorado.  I feel blessed each day about the state in which we live.  Today a little more than others.....

Yellow Wildflowers, Soutwest Colorado.
White Wildflowers, Southwest Colorado.


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