Ann Swift
Colorado Artist

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Colorado artist Ann Swift has received praise from far and wide, including the American Watercolor Society and the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia. Her work can be seen in hundreds of private and business collections. This is no surprise, considering her passion and skill with a paintbrush!

Ann’s love of painting began at an early age, and her creativity and insight is sparked, in particular, by the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.You may have seen her murals on unglazed tiles in Telluride Mountain Village homes.

She works in a number of media, from clay and watercolor, to oil paint, pastels, and etching. The scope of her pieces range from 4”x6” watercolors, to 14’ oil murals. She even expressed herself in half-acre outdoor sculpture installations.

Sunset over La Sal Mountains by #Ann Swift, Colorado Artist

“I enjoy painting looking at the real thing, not working from photographs. I’m trying to capture a sense of time and place, as well as make a composition that is successful in abstract terms.”

And she does just that, Ann's work is colorful, vibrant and inviting. She succeeds in transporting you from the winding Dolores River, to the towering heights of Mt. Sneffels. Her paintings evoke the vibrancy and warmth of the Yankee Boy Basin Flower Garden, to the serene and hushed beauty of a sunset over the La Sal Mountains.  See all of these wonders in Ann Swifts Gallery.

Yankee Boy Basin Flower Garden watercolor by #Ann Swift, Colorado Watercolor Artist

She honed her skills while attending Reed College in Portland, Oregon and the University of Chicago, where she completed her BA in philosophy (aesthetics), and minored in art. She has been both a teacher and a student of art, participating as an artist in the NEA Artist-in-Schools program.

Check out Ann Swifts Gallery to see other works including watercolor, fired clay reliefs and oil paintings. 

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