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Whether it’s fine art or functional art, the abundance of artists, artisans and craftsmen that call Colorado home is incredible. Perhaps their creativity is fed by the clean, high-altitude air and inspiring mountain vistas! If you are looking for Colorado arts and crafts, you are in the right place.

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Searching for that charming one-of-a-kind gift or decorative accent for your home? A vibrant watercolor or stunning Colorado landscape photography? How about a beautiful hand woven basket, hand crafted jewelry or an etched glass flower vase?

Created in Colorado represents talented Colorado artists, artisans, craftsmen and businesses that offer various locally made goods. We invite you to browse through our Colorado arts and crafts directory of quality products!

What is Art?

Art is the human creation of a beautiful or expressive work. Art is also the piece of work itself.

· Art sometimes imitates, supplements or interprets creations of nature.
· Any original work of art is unique, one-of-a-kind.
· Often a work of art tells a story about the artist, as well as one about the buyer who will display it.
· Art is primarily a matter of personal style and preference.

Fine Art

Want to learn more about Colorado fine art? Rich paintings and elegant sculptures, along with captivating Colorado landscape photography are popular examples of Colorado fine art.

What is your favorite piece of art? Perhaps the watercolor that first caught your eye and then your heart as it drew you, entranced, into the world embodied within the work of art? The beginning, the middle and the end of a story all told on one canvas…does it get much any better than that?

Functional Art: Beautiful Hand Crafted Wares

What about functional art, such as beautiful hand crafted wares for use in everyday life? Interested in lovely pieces such as hand woven baskets, hand-thrown pottery,an etched glass flower vase or water pitcher? Or a handmade quilt displayed on a hand crafted four-post bed? Any of these are just about as functional in everyday life as you can get!

Such charming, hand-picked wares, along with your favorite Colorado landscape photography, add an unmistakably personal touch to your home! Help yourself to our Created In Colorado arts and crafts directory, including Colorado fine art, functional hand crafted wares, and Colorado landscape photography!

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