The One Thing

Are you a YES Man or a NO Man?

  A recent book I read, The One Thing written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, has spurred me to share a recent experience with you.  I recommend this book to everyone at any stage in their lives. 

To create and maintain balance in ones life a single yes must = 1000 no’s.  Think about that equation.  If you don’t keep that ratio of yes’s and no’s there will be no way to achieve or maintain balance in your life.  You must decide what purpose you are trying to achieve and keep your eyes pointing forward.  If you are not careful,  saying YES to often can become a deciding factor of a goals success or failure.

The Price of Being a Yes Man
I have led my life being a YES Man.  I get fulfillment and enrichment from saying yes to people.  But at some point when does saying yes need to stop? When does it become toxic to your family, relationships and your business? When you become so overcommitted that nobody is getting a full slice of your attention, is it time to reevaluate your Yes Man attitude?

I Found my first NO.
I recently had a big opportunity presented to me.  It was a job offer that had the potential to help my family financially and me professionally.  But if I took it I would have to do one of two things.  Develop a time distortion machine and grow my work week by two full days or drop something that was currently in my schedule.   I knew there was a third option, but it was going to take courage to implement it.  The third option was to say no. 

I did it and you know what?  My world did not come crashing down.  I decided my current goals needed to be defended and protected with more no’s.

Are you the Author or the Victim of your Story?
“When life happens you can choose to be the author or the victim of your story.”
When walking a tight rope, your goal is to achieve balance.  Constantly correcting and managing your limbs helps to maintain the balance that is crucial to staying in the middle.  Sometimes just saying no 1000 times is not enough to maintain balance on your road to achieving your purpose or goals.  Torn between commitments, it can be easy to fall off that tight rope we walk and become the victim in your story.  But don’t forget that no one is writing your story but you and you need to decide what happens next in your life. 

"You are your life’s author."

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