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It all starts with a lump of earth....

To say that the creation of pottery is an art form is to put it lightly. It is an ancient and modern functional craft - part chemistry experiment, and part art creation. How many other professions come to mind for which you must have an extensive memory of glaze combinations, chemical formulas, and elemental reactions? These complicated and meticulous calculations work in tandem with artistic ability. The potter must be able to see the end product in what otherwise is just a lump of earth, and to have the skill to form that earth into useful functional pottery to fill your cupboards, or beautiful stunning and original sculptural art.

Gorgeous casserole dishes, equally stunning serving platters, remarkable pottery dinnerware and coffee mugs designed with your sipping pleasure in mind.

Pottery Dinnerware $90

These are a few of the ceramic and stoneware items that Goedele Vanhille of Yank and Flanders Pottery creates.

Handmade Functional Pottery Sugar Pot

When these dishes are purchased you are purchasing Colorado pottery that is meticulously made with both beauty and functionality in mind. These gorgeous works of functional handmade pottery will be lovely on
display, and will really shine when you fill them with a delicious
family recipe or steaming brew!

Small Slumped Dish $34 Large Slumped Dish $74

More about Yank and Flanders

Goedele Vanhille, the Flanders of Yank and Flanders Clay Wonders, was originally Born in Eeklo, Belgium in 1961. She now lives in Norwood, CO with her husband and three children. Goedele and her husband, John Fahnestock made a conscious decision to raise their children in a quiet community, and did not land in Norwood, CO by chance. Goedele has exhibited her work extensively all over the world including Italy, New Zealand, Belgium and Germany.

Since 1979 Goedele has been engaged in developing and perfecting her own personal style of creating gorgeous functional pieces of handmade pottery. Since setting the course to become a class A potter Geodele has acquired extensive knowledge of the art of making pottery.  Here some of her new works!

Yank and Flanders pottery shop in Norwood, Co has a every type of
functional handmade pottery one can dream of, from teapots and coffee
mugs to eye-catching and thought-provoking “one-of-a-kind” serving
platters and bowls. Geodele’s sculptural works are available thru
Telluride Gallery of Fine Art. Visit www.yankandflanders.com to view
online galleries of both functional and sculptural origins.

Locals Alert!

There is a locals alert out for those that live near Norwood, Co. Come in to Yank and Flanders to get deep discounts on seconds and closeouts! Up to 50% off retail on many items! You have to see for yourself!

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Yank and Flanders
Email: goedele@yankandflanders.com
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