SOM Footwear

From the Tin Man to the Shoe Man

Olie Marchal is an iron worker by trade, and is also the creator of SOM Footwear (Sense Of Motion), a minimalist shoe company that began in Norwood, CO. SOM Footwear is powered by our passion to provide high quality, comfortable shoes that will fulfill the needs of the people while helping our local US economies.

 Rediscover your natural Sense of Motion with innovative SOM Footwear

SOM Footwear is designed to help the wearer rediscover their original sense of motion. Footwear today typically squeezes and squishes your foot to conform to the unnatural shape of the shoe. Our shoes, however, are lightweight, flexible and have a roomy toe box and zero drop which allow your feet to maintain a natural position while wearing our shoes. Doing so allows us to mimic the feeling of being barefoot, which can improve your balance and posture. But be warned- our customers often tell us that our shoes are so comfortable that “once you experience SOM, it’s difficult to wear anything else!”

You may not notice how much traditional shoes squish your feet into an unnatural position. Our roomy toe box and zero drop allow your feet to maintain a natural position, mimicking the feeling of being barefoot and thus improving your posture and balance. Our customers always say our shoes are so comfortable that "once you experience SOM, it's hard to wear anything else!"

Our elegantly simple design provides what is fundamentally important and eliminates the rest. Our sneakers offer just enough stability, durability, and toe/heel protection for both casual and active use. From urban adventures to nature excursions, our shoes encourage a natural gait, which limits the impact of movement on the body. We’ve rigorously tested our designs on a variety of surfaces- from sidewalks to the rugged terrain of the nearby Rocky Mountains. From casual walkers to competitive athletes, everyone can appreciate SOM Footwear’s thoughtful design.

We proudly stand behind our environmentally sensitive production of high-quality products made locally, in beautiful Montrose, CO USA!

Please note that our sneakers are American standard sizes and are usually true to size. In all cases, we will work with you until you get the perfect fit.

Bring Manufacturing Home

SOM Footwear’s made in Colorado shoes are 100% made in Montrose, CO by talented shoe craftsman and women. By keeping production local SOM Footwear is ensuring a high quality product and supporting Coloradan workers.

High Quality Colorado Shoes

SOM Footwear shoes are very well manufactured with quality and comfort being key driving factors in their creation. Care is taken for each pair to ensure comfort and help promote the balance and strength of your natural step.

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