Created In Colorado Newsletter,
Issue #18--April 2014--CSA in Colorado, Going Local, Farmers Markets, Local Grower Highlights, and Inventor Help

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Going Local
in 2014!

CSA in Colorado, going local, farmer market, sooo much to say!  The amount of info we are going to share with you today is insane.  You might want to bookmark this newsletter on your browser, so you can return easily to reference it in the future, because, well, we are going to feed you full of it today.  Full of local food, gardening supplies and CSA's info that is!  Also we are going to introduce you to two recent additions to the Created In Colorado Family.

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Make Your List Going Local!

#1 Spring Cleaning: Sorry, no suggestion!

#2 Increase Salads and Decrease Casseroles.  Solution: CSA in Colorado and Farmers Markets

Community Supported Agriculture

  • Signing up for a CSA in your area will provide you with the best access to the freshest seasonal local foods on a weekly basis.
  • Visit to find a CSA in your area.  You can also go to to compare $ and season lengths of tons of CSA's in Colorado.

Farmers Markets: Lots of variety, less commitment.
Farmers Markets are a super way to support your community and increase local food intake.  Farmers Markets are less likely to help you slim down though, because often there are not only veggies for sale, but fresh baked pastries, breads and other sweet temptations!

* More Flexibility than CSA's

* More variety, not limited to foods.  Often they are paired with a Craft Market, see below for examples

* To find a Colorado Farmers Market in your area this summer, check out

#3 How are you giving back to your garden this year?

Each time you harvest a beautiful tomato or a handful of sweet crunchy carrots, something is taken from the soil.  Make sure amend your soil with high quality compost each year.  Here is a great Colorado made suggestion.

Prospector Soils All Natural Compost.  It’s a great choice to help you grow high quality certified organic foods this summer right at home.

Looking for SEEDS.  Do you know of any?

 We would love to recommend a Colorado seed company, but so far we have come up dry.  If you know of any seed companies that sell Colorado harvested seeds, shoot us a line and we will add them to the site. or


Where to find seedlings? Your local garden center is a great bet.  Make sure and ask if their seedlings were started in your area.  They will do better if they were started in a climate similar to yours.

We want to hear your spring news!

What is your most favorite part of spring?
If you signed up for a CSA, tell us about it!
Any exciting Colorado product you’ve tried, farm you have visited, or blog you’ve happened upon?

Laura’s Answer: Hungry Chicken – A hilarious great reading blog that highlights tons of incredible producers in and around the Colorado Springs Area.

Nathalie’s Answer: The season’s first fresh green spinach.  Olie brought home a ginormous bag from farmers market the other day, they elation I felt was similar to that of Christmas morning rather than just the first greens of the season, but nonetheless, it made me excited for the arrival of Spring!

Jobsited Inc: Inventor Help and Support, Rapid Prototyping and Prototype Product Development

Lastly for today, recent additions to the Created In Colorado Family:

Prospector Soils: All Natural Compost

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That is all we have to offer for today, but stay tuned next month!

Laura and Nathalie