Why Colorado Custom Home Furniture?

Finding quality furniture that is well built, has character and was produced by American craftsmen, is not just tough, it is down right challenging.

Custom Dining Room Table

How often......

Think about how often you have found yourself strolling the aisles of a store and stop to admire a clever office desk, a spacious entertainment center or set of trendy bar stools. Upon further inspection the following observations are made;

Cheap materials- particleboard sandwiched with laminate, pleather, and plastic hardware where there should be metal. Sound familiar? Over time, cheaply made products begin to reflect their low price tags.

Assembly required – Assembly required is fine, but I am referring to the angst that is created from trying to assemble a piece of furniture with convoluted instructions and missing parts!

Produced overseas – almost all factory-produced furniture is created overseas. Wouldn’t you rather purchase an American made product?

Think American Made or better yet, Colorado Made Custom Home Furniture

Furniture is a household item most of us own and we all use. Furniture has a long useful life of at least several years, but often several decades. When replacing something why not take the time to consider a piece of locally created custom made furniture? This is a great opportunity to see what is available for purchase now from local artisans. You can even custom order whatever your heart could possibly desire.

It is more expensive…

Consider, however, the quality difference between the $29.99 bookcase from your typical box store and the $199.00 custom made bookcase created from real wood. The real wood bookcase is going to last a lifetime or more! The look-alike will last a couple of years then end up at your local landfill. Which is the better investment?

This example goes for home decor as well. Handcrafted and custom pieces of home decor can stand alone as reflections of your personal style and taste.
No matter your style, whether you prefer western, contemporary or rustic home decor, there is an artisan crafting home decor and furniture ready to meet your needs.

Visit Created In Colorado’s Custom Home Furniture and Home Decor Directory to discover some talented local craftsmen who are making some beautiful high quality custom home furniture, custom outdoor furniture, handcrafted rustic home decor, custom kitchen cabinets and more…..


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