Decorative Soaps
handcrafted in Colorado

Have you ever needed a gift rescue?

Decorative Soaps handcrafted in Colorado are the next big thing that are going to rescue you the next time you are stumped for a truly unique made in Colorado gift. 

If you are thinking, I am not giving soap as a gift, well----think again. Your gift recipient will be so wowed by your thoughtfulness when you choose a soap that reminds them of a special trip to Colorado, that concert held at Red Rocks, a trout fishing trip with your nephew last fall or even your most recent romp in the mountains can be commemorated and celebrated with a simple (and useful we might add) bar of soap.  Below are two companies who have wide variety of useful soap gifts and gift ideas for you to choose from.

Hand-made in Colorado 

If you are looking for a gift to commemorate a Colorado memory as we mentioned above you must check out the soaps that actually tell a story that the company Hand-made in Colorado create.  Each Hand-Made in Colorado soap or gift set is based on a historical landmark or fact.  From landmarks to historical events, she has all the good ones covered! 

An extra special item that Hand-made in Colorado offers is the Geological/Archaeological Gift Box.  This is for those rock hunters in your life that love the rich mining history that Colorado has and the beautiful stones and remains that have been found here.  This hand engraved wooden gift box contains with in it realistic looking Aquamarine Gem, Rhodochrosite Mineral and Yule Marble specimens that are actually made of soap.

Shop the Hand-made in Colorado store:  www.

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Dirty Water Soap Works

Dirty Water Soap Works offers decorative soaps as well as other natural handcrafted soap bars. Crystal Decker, the sole soap maker of Dirty Water Soap Works Inc offers some fun things such as dirty minis, dirty bodies, dirty lips and dirty little F bombs, (which are not what you think). Crystal makes her handcrafted soap in her remodeled 1940’s farm house just outside of Delta, Colorado. A lot of time and research go into her handcrafted soap formulas.  She aims not to replicate already existing formulas but to create her own blends for her wonderful handcrafted soaps.

Party Favor Ideas, Useful Unique Gifts and More

If you are in the market for party favors, whether  it be for a baby shower,  possibly wedding table favors, or even bridal shower gifts you need to contact Dirty Water Soap Works.  She often creates items on demand specifically for your special event or you can choose from her inventory of dirty minis.

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