Artisan Cheese, Fresh Milk and Dairy Products

What you will find here:
Producers of artisan cheeses, hand crafted ice creams, eggnog's, butter and raw milk shares.

Artisan Cheeses

AnnaVail Cheese
Eagle, CO
AnnaVail Cheese produces artisan cheese are made from regional cow’s and sheep’s milk. Through our cheese we offer customers a savory slice of joy from the mountains of Colorado.

Cozy Cow Dairy
Windsor, CO
Cozy Cow Dairy is a locally-owned and operated farmstead dairy and creamery.  We are located in the Front Range of Colorado, where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, about an hour north of Denver.

Fruition Farms Dairy and Creamery
Larkspur, CO
We are Colorado's First Artisanal Sheep Dairy and Creamery

Rocking W Cheese
Olathe, CO
Rocking W Cheese is the only artisan cheese producer on the western slope of Colorado.  Rocking W Cheese is FARMSTEAD ARTISAN meaning the milk from which it is made comes from the family's own dairy cows within 24 hours of milking - thus ensuring supreme freshness.

Jumpin Good Goat Dairy, LLC
Buena Vista, CO
Jumpin' Good Goat Dairy, a producer of farmstead, artisan goat cheeses, located in the heart of the Colorado Rockies in Buena Vista, we are dedicated to sustainable agriculture,the education of local food systems, humane treatment of our animals and DARN GOOD Cheese making!

Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy
Longmont, CO
Boulder-county-owned and -operated since 1989, Haystack Mountain is nationally recognized as a producer of premium, handcrafted raw and pasteurized cheeses, made in a variety of styles.

Avalanche Cheese
Basalt, CO
Our products include pasteurized fresh cheeses and aged, raw milk cheeses. The milk comes from our Saanen, Alpine, and Nubian goats, who live in pasture on our 130-acre farm and dairy in Paonia, Colorado.

Raw Milk Shares and Raw Artisan Cheeses

Magic Apple Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Hotchkiss, CO
We are a small farm located on the Western Slope of Colorado. Twice a day our Nigerian Dwarf does give us the sweetest milk we have ever tasted.

Mountain Flower Goat Dairy
Boulder, CO
Mountain Flower Goat Dairy provides Raw Milk shares from our hand-raised Nubian, LaMancha, Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf goat herd living on the farm

Moon Hill Dairy
Steamboat Springs. CO
Hand Crafted Cheese made from our herd of Brown Swiss and Guensey cows on the alpine grasses north of Steamboat Springs, CO.

Ugly Goat Milk Company
Keensburg, CO
Our milk share program offers fresh, delicious raw goat and cow milk, handmade farmstead cheeses, yogurt, goat milk fudge, goat milk soap, fresh eggs, and seasonal vegetables.

Parker Pastures
Gunnison, CO
We offer 100% Grass-fed Beef” and 100% Grass-fed Raw Milk. Our seasonal dairy consists of Jersey cows that produce an exceptionally delicious milk from our high mountain grasses.

Pine Creek Products
Sedalia, CO
Goat milk shares and free range chickens.

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WiMo Farms, LLC
Berthoud, CO
Cow milk shares.  Whole and half available.
WiMo Farms, LLC also raises sheep for wool and lamb and free-range chickens, turkeys and Muscovy duck for meat and eggs.

The Stone Creek Farmstead
Divide, CO
We are a small licensed goat dairy located in the mountains west of Colorado Springs. We have 225 acres and produce a variety of goat cheeses, as well as goat milk soaps and lotions.

R Patch O’Heaven, LLC
Eaton, CO
Cow dairy with
drop off sites in Loveland, Dacono and Greeley.

Susquehanna Farms
Ft Lupton, CO
Susquehanna Farms is a small goat dairy operation located in Fort Lupton Colorado.

Swing Shift Farms
Olathe, CO
We are currently offering goat and cow milk shares. We also offer farm fresh eggs.