Raven Ranch
Elk Meat Producer
Norwood, Co

Raven Ranch is a Created in Colorado featured elk meat producer. Situated on a gentle sloping hillside located on the rim of San Miguel Canyon near Norwood, Colorado, lies Raven Ranch.

Bull Elk at Raven Ranch
Elk calves

Biodiversity and Herd Health

Bob Mckeever owner of Raven Ranch has been raising domestic elk since 2000. He has grown his herd slowly and correctly, buying and selling cows and bulls as needed to maintain biodiversity with in his herd.

Raised on natural grasses and hays raised on the ranch, these elk maintain similar diets as their wild brethren who live nearby on Lone Cone Mountain.

Bull Elk at Raven Ranch

Elk Meat for Sale

With all the great benefits that elk meat provides, you are sure to feel good about filling your family’s freezer with it. Different sized packages are available for purchase ranging from small packages to full quarters. If you have not tried this type of red meat before, its worth a try.  Providing the benefits of red meat in a leaner package, its everything you are looking for!

Raven Ranch elk meat also makes great edible gifts! Raven Ranch will ship it anywhere in U.S. for you.

All orders must be prepaid. Pick up times will be pre-arranged.

For more information or to place your order now, call:

Raven Ranch
Bob McKeever
Norwood, Co 81423


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