Farm to Bottle
Natural Organic Skin Care

Have you ever considered the freshness of your skin care? It has probably not crossed your mind, yes we look at yogurt containers expiration dates, consider whether we really should eat that wilted lettuce or compost it, we give a sideways look to a long forgotten Tupperware in the far back corner of the fridge, but skin care? Checking the expiration date is usually not on that list…..but what if we could get it fresh from the lab?  

Would it make a difference to our skin? It could, it really truly could, but this only matters if someone is investing the time and energy into putting freshly harvested skin nourishing ingredients into their products.  We know of two companies that do just this very thing.  Their skin care ingredients are truly farm to bottle fresh.

Colorado Aromatics

I just took a deep breath inward, not for any other reason than because the subject of my writing today is Colorado Aromatics, because when I think of this company, I want to breathe the aroma in….but alas I smell nothing but the basement smells in which my office is located.  If I were clever though I would have lit a scented candle to further inspire my writing.  But I didn’t and to be honest, this company’s actions and natural skin care products speak for themselves.   And the ‘Aromatics’ do not necessarily pertain to their products but to the aromatic herbs grown on their farm.

Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care is also changing the way we view and care for our skin care as we as a society move towards a more natural nourishing approach to how treat the largest organ on our bodies, our skin. Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care makes products for real people that enjoy the outdoors, and who’s skin suffers the consequences of living in the dry Colorado climate.  They have a full line of face care, body care, bath/shower products and soaps.

Colorado Aromatics sources their ingredients from herbs, fruits and vegetables grown on their Certified Naturally Grown farm.  Crops such as lavender, mint, cucumber, lemon balm, rose, raspberry leaf and comfrey are used to distill aromatic waters and make extracts for use in Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care products.  Their “Farm to Skin” approach or “Farm to Bottle” as we say here, is what sets their company apart from the rest as great choice to nourish and care for your skin by providing an abundance of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents."

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Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care has a large selection of skin care products and treatments each designed for different skin types and skin issues.  The ingredients they use are hand selected for each skin type and many of them are actually grown on their 265 acre USDA certified organic farm.  It’s a lot of hard work; growing, hand harvesting and ultimately producing the ingredients needed to create the amazing organic skin care products that they offer. 

The only thing that Lily’s Farm Fresh Skin Care has in common with traditional cosmetic industry would be their white coats that are worn in the certified USDA lab where they develop, test and bottle their unique products..  Everything else about this company exudes honesty, uniqueness and a commitment to produce the finest organic skin care products possible.

As a pioneer in the Colorado organic skin care industry Lily’s Farm Fresh Skin Care continues to innovate and freshness as indicated in their name is very important to them. Their products are guaranteed fresh for one year, but are made to order weekly so each customer gets the freshest skin care possible.

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