Farm Fresh Eggs

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of cracking open a farm fresh egg will tell you that store-bought eggs simply can’t compete. The variation of shell colors alone is a treat – blues and greens, creams and rich browns, speckled and freckled. The robust yolks are often a rich, dark yellow or even orange. This reflects the hens varied diet, and her access to fresh forage.

Egg Nutrition

Eggs give you a lot of nutritional bang for your buck. They are an unbeatable source of digestible protein, and their whites contain all of the essential amino acids.

Despite the stigma of high cholesterol associated with egg yolks, research has now revealed that eggs can help lower the risk of heart disease! Dietary cholesterol, such as the cholesterol found in egg yolks, has little to no effect on blood cholesterol (saturated fats are more to blame). Nutrients like Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, riboflavin and folate – all found in eggs – strengthen and protect your heart!

Egg yolks are a supreme source of choline – an essential nutrient for heart and brain function, and a key component in our cell walls. Choline also plays a role in prohibiting the accumulation of fat and cholesterol in the liver.

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Quality of Life

By supporting local farmers who raise small flocks of chickens, you are contributing to a way of life for chickens that is healthier and more humane that factory-farmed egg layers. For many, chickens are a joy and a pleasure to keep. By buying farm fresh eggs locally, you’re giving farmers the resources they need to raise happy, healthy flocks of chickens that are able to forage and consume the varied diet needed to lay nutrient-rich, beautiful eggs.

While farm fresh eggs may cost a few dollars more than their factory-produced counterparts, the health benefits and the quality of life of the hens is worth every penny.

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