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Stained Glass

Creating stained glass is intricate process of combining pieces of colored stained glass in a patern or design which is held together by strips of lead. It is a dangerous process that yields beautiful results.

Brenda Stewert of Butterfly Trader has been making stained glass art since the early seventies. Brenda began by interning under a master stained glass artist in Texas and has continued to create amazing original stained glass artworks since. She designs all of her own work, doing all projects free hand and never via pre made patterns.

Brenda has incorporated stained glass into windows, developed breath taking skylights, lamps, hanging window art and other original pieces.

Etched Glass

Have you ever seen etched glass art? Not until I received a wedding gift six years ago from Brenda Smith had I ever seen etched glass art. It is very possibly the most personal and unique piece of hanging art I own.

What is the process of etching glass?

The process involves either abrasively sandblasting layers of glass or using chemicals to remove the desired layers of glass to create frosty shading in the appropriate pattern or design. Many artists today use pre made stencils to complete their projects. Brenda Smith, our featured Created in Colorado glass artist does all of her artwork freehand.

Did you know you could jazz up your windows, glass doors, and plain mirrors by etching some pretty and elegant designs onto them?

Other great etched glass items are functional in nature such as gorgeous sets of dinner ware such as plates, bowls, and mugs.

Flower Vases are great medium for glass etching and a great gift idea to show someone you care. Other ideas include shadow boxes and framed etched glass art.The best part of glass etching is that you can include as many or as few personal touches as you like. If it's made of glass and you want it personalized, glass etching is great choice.

Butterfly Trader

Brenda Stewert is a stained glass and etched glass artesian. She owns Butterfly Trader Company. Each piece of stained glass artwork and glass etching artwork are completely original and unique, there are no two alike. Brenda has some wonderful custom designs to choose from or she will allow you to place your own character, style or vibe into each piece. Her motto is "It is going in your home, not mine". Give Brenda a call to order your next custom glass project at 970-327-4436. To see more glass wonders visit the Butterfly Trader Gallery.

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