Laid Back Ranch
Grass Fed Organic Beef and Farm Fresh Eggs

Laid Back Ranch

Laid Back Ranch was founded three years ago by Sajun Folsom, who wanted to provide the Western Slope with a source of delicious, humanely raised grass fed organic beef. Laid Back Ranch does not use any hormones or antibiotics on their steers or chickens. Instead, they rely on natural mineral supplements to ensure that their animals have healthy immune systems.

Laid Back steers come from Folsom Aubracs ( based in Norwood, Colorado. Aubracs are known for their suitability to high altitude environments, and also for their quality performance on grass alone.

Laid Back steers are processed after two years of grazing on the best pastures available, and they are rotated quickly through these pastures to ensure that they always have fresh, high quality feed.

A Chic and her Chicks

In 2011 Sajun was joined by his partner, Paula Robinson, who brought a passion for hens and delicious farm fresh eggs to Laid Back Ranch. These hens always have access to the outdoors, where they’re free to graze, hunt for bugs, and take dust bathes in the sunshine.  Contact Paula about purchasing eggs, 970.596.2760.

Animal Husbandry

By raising their animals in low-stress environments, and providing them with fresh and nourishing feed, Paula and Sajun believe that their grass fed organic beef and farm fresh eggs that result from this practice are superior not only in taste, but also in nutrition.

A chick and her chicks

Whether they’re running their cattle or their hens through pasture, Sajun and Paula are first and foremost ‘grass farmers.’ They believe in leaving pastures healthier and more robust after a livestock rotation.

Call Sajun or Paula for more info...

Beef is available by the cut, as well as by the quarter, half, and whole. Eggs are available by the dozen. Please look for Laid Back Ranch at the Ridgway Farmers’ Market beginning in 2013.

For beef, please contact Sajun at 970.428.1717

For eggs, please contact Paula at 970.596.2760

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