Halloween Costumes
created by Colorado companies and craftsmen

Fanta Faces  and Dragon Bait Stew may sound like characters from a Harry Potter movie, but they are not.  They are the latest intriguing leads that I have found in my hunt for locally made Halloween costumes and gear.  My hunt took me to some odd websites and dead ends, but do not despair I have found some incredible producers and companies that are going to fit the bill just right for your upcoming spooky celebrations.

Dragon Bait Stew, costume maker

Dragon Bait Stew! It’s not edible, but this company is one of kind.

Dragon Bait Stew builds custom one of kind leather top hats, handcrafted masks, dragon headdresses, boas, costume goggles, you name it, their selection is only limited by your imagination because if you don’t see what you want Dragon Bait Stew will custom create exactly what you have in mind!

Dragon Bait Stew’s items they have on their website will ship with 5-7 days. They guarantee delivery before Halloween on all orders placed on or before the 20th of October.  They have tons of stock, so check them out right away!

Fanta Faces, feather masks

Unique and beautiful are what come to mind when I see these masks. They are wearable works of art. Visit www.etsy.com/shop/Fantafaces  to see them for yourself. Affordably priced starting at $28! Guaranteed to be the most comfortable mask you will ever wear. After Halloween is over these fantastic feathered masks can decorate a wall to patiently wait for their next wearing at a New Year's Eve Gala or for Mardi Gras Celebrations.  Learn more at: fantafacesmasks.com

Ren Toys

Become King Arthur, Sir Lancelot or even Robin Hood for an evening with the help of Ren Toys.  Ren toys hand crafts real wooden swords, shields, and even realistic bow and arrow sets.  Hi quality inexpensive props that can be handed down and passed around for years to come.  What’s not to love about these amazing and affordable toys?  Bookmark their website to keep them in mind for unique holiday gifts. www.rentoys.com

Princess and Fairies

Princess Costumes have to be high on the list of most popular costumes of all time.   So make it unique this year! I found a company called Once Upon a Time, not made in Colorado, but still in U.S.  Fairy Wings, Tutus, and other accessories. Click the Fairy wings to visit their etsy shop.

Baby Costumes

Babies are hard to costume up right? Well here is a solution. Found these cute crochet baby hats on Etsy as well.  And these are Halloween Costumes you can reuse it all winter long!

Visit Connies Crochet to see all the items she makes.

Spooky Treats

Here are some creepy treats created by Designer Lolipops that will delight your trick or treaters. I could not verify where they were made, just that they were made in the USA.  6 creepy suckers for $14. 

Thanks for tuning in, have a SPOOKY HALLOWEEN!


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