This or That
handcrafted cards vs traditional greeting cards

This week on THIS or THAT: custom handcrafted cards vs conventional greeting cards.  Hope you enjoy it and remember this easy choice next time you are shopping!

This or That Handcrafted Cards

Handcrafted Cards by
Shirley Miller

The card shown above is created from a watercolor painting by Shirley Miller.  Shirley has many  handcrafted greeting card designs available including some with original Southwest Colorado photography directly on the handcrafted cards. All Shirley's paintings and photos can be made into a greeting card.  That is a lot of choices! View them now!

And you can get this card for $3.00!

Traditional Generic Greeting Card

Traditional cards are a bit boring don't ya think?  There really is nothing really wrong with them, but if you could stock your stationary stash with a locally produced comparably priced item, would you?

To buy a traditional greeting card you'll pay as much as $3.95!

The Written Word

Handcrafted Cards

The written word is being replaced by the typed.  Letters are replaced by emails and Facebok.  Not very often do we send heartfelt messages or news through the mail anymore……But can anyone deny the joy they feel when they receive a hand written thank you , a letter from an old friend or card sent from a friend letting you know they were Just Thinking of you?

Personally I love receiving ‘old fashioned’ notes from friends and family.  I will take a real tangible birthday card any day over an e-card in my email inbox.  If you are one of those who still enjoy either sending the written word or receiving it then we have some really amazing handcrafted greeting cards for you to browse through. 

handcrafted cards
Western Wildflowers Handcrafted Cards, pressed flower art

Make you next “message” extra special.  You friends and family will see the extra care you took in your card selection and the care you took in simply taking the time with pen and paper and the trip to the post office to show you care.  To the left is some examples of the variety of handcrafted cards Western Wildflowers can create for you. Contact Sharon at Western Wildflowers about ordering a set!

Make you choice today

The lost art of a handwritten letter or greeting card does not have to be gone forever, make the choice today to send a friend a real birthday card, a real sympathy card or a real handwritten note to show you care.

Why This or That?

Would you choose this or that? That is the question.  I am setting out on a learning journey to find comparative everyday household products, foods and gifts that can be purchased from with in Colorado.  I am asking you to tune in each week to find out what THIS or THAT will be highlighting. 

Created In Colorado would like to propose a challenge: Try to replace one household item with one that’s made in Colorado each week, or even once per month.  At first you might believe this might be challenging, but I will be providing you with some excellent comparable choices for you to choose from, so watch out, and tune in!

By the way, anything that is in ever in the THAT column is not under fire,  or disliked.  Its just not a favorite when compared to the much better THIS column.  So if you see me at the supermarket with a that in my basket, I am not a hypocrite! And I don't consider you one either. 

Just one item per week or even per month could make a difference in your local economy.  Especially if everyone participated.  So...share this, talk about it, what ever it takes, lets make a difference together.

Look in our directories for other awesome local choices!!