Does $3=$3? Does handmade=store bought?
Handmade Greeting Cards: A Surprisingly Easy Way to Buy Local

"$3 for a single handmade greeting card?" my friend exclaimed with just a touch of cynicism.

"I can buy a whole pack of 20 for 7$ a big box store! Why would anybody pay that much for a single card?"

Price Check on Isle 5 Please....

Well, what did you pay last time you bought a clever birthday or I love you card from a big box store? Did you pay 2.95, 3.50 or maybe 3.95?

Now take a minute to think on this.....

What if these same items prices were based on the time that a craftsman put into them? A $3 card would become a $20 card.  Remembering this fact makes that $3 handmade greeting card seem even more like a deal.

So why do items seem more pricy when they are sold by a individual artisan rather than a large store? 

It’s the same amount of money! And you buying from that artisan or artisan directly supports someone in your community! 

Awesome Inexpensive Gifts=Handmade Greeting Cards

If you are looking for unique gifts for men, I love you cards or even pressed dried flower art then a handmade greeting card is inexpensive and easy answer.  Below are some suggestions.

(Click the pic to go the to artist that created it)

Whats on your list this week?

Check your shopping list this week. You may find that you can pick up a couple of items locally at first, for example, the greeting cards mentioned above, maybe some honey, maybe even some seasonal fruit. 

While you are at your local farm and craft market look around to see if there are any other local treasures on your list, just last week there was a couple of kids hand tying fishing flies and selling them for just $1.50 each! My son happens to love fishing, so it was an easy treat for me to indulge in for him.  Case and point that local treasures are often very competitive with there store stocked brethren!

Take the time and go the extra mile to your local farmers market, coop or craft store and see what they have to offer.Supporting local businesses can benefit you and those you businesses you support more than you might ever realize.  Look in our directories if you have something specific you are looking for, just search by category to find producers all across Colorado!

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