Handmade Soap Giveaway and Convenience Marbles

Your ace in hole

Here is the scenario: Its late, you have been in and out of stores all day.  You have power shopped all day catching up on gift, grocery and supply lists.  You kids are cranky, you have schlepped them around in and out of each store, shop and emergency bathroom gas station. 

Before heading home you decide you had better not leave without filling their bellies or there will be hell to pay.  You swing into the next quick stop food joint, unload the children explaining all the way about consequences if they act out while inside the approaching quiet dining walls. 

They are filthy. 

Covered in both the seen and unseen—after all you have been in town all day, and first things first, they need a good hand and face washing.  Sleeves rolled up, water turned on and…..no soap.  Urrgg. Despair and irritation linger on the emotional horizon. 

Just before you succumb and leave the restrooms merely rinsed not washed, you remember you have an ace in the hole.  In your purse are some Hand Made in Colorado soap marbles that you purchased a few weeks back.  Ahhh...  You exhale a sigh of relief.  The day is going to end with clean hands, faces and full bellies after all.  

If any of you have ever been in this position or a similar one, then please read on.  We have more to say about these little marbles and their equally handy cousin the bag of soap rocks. 

Handier than, well….you know, going without soap!

Hand made in Colorado has just come out with two incredible great convenience products- soap marbles and soap rocks.  They are unique enough to be a great unique gift for a marble lover or young rock hound but handy enough to be your cleansing savior when there just is no darn soap when and where you need it!

Where do you get these fantastic emergency handmade soaps?

The good news is they are immediately available for purchase from Hand-made in Colorado.com’s website.  If you are ready to get emergency handmade soap stashed in your purse, car, or briefcase then click here.

Handmade Soap Giveaway 

But there is other good news from Hand-madeincolorado.com! They are having a incredible free giveaway right now that is free to get in on and is simply a win-win for anyone who enters.  It’s a great opportunity to sample some free handmade soap and see just how incredible these soaps are. 

Here are the details:

Simply sign up for a account on hand-madeincolorado.com’s website and you will be entered to win.  There will be 11 winners. 2 lucky winners will receive 1 of 2 of gift baskets offered - from our 'Precious Metals' Baskets (Gold Digger) or 'Gemstones' Baskets (Sapphire Gemstone). The other 9 winners will receive 1 bar from these collections.

So what are the benefits of signing up for a account on Hand-madeincolorado.com and how do I do it? Signing up for a account is completely free and comes with some amazing benefits, here are a couple below(taken directly from hand-madeincolorado.com):

Click on the ‘My Account’ button and sign up to receive the following benefits! –

  • 15% off every order $10 to $24.99
  • 20% off every order $25 to $49.99
  • 25% off every order $50 to $99.99
  • Receive reward points – how they work:
  • You will receive 1 reward point for every $ you spend
  • You will receive 5 reward points when you sign up for an account
  • You will receive 5 reward points when you write a review
  • You enter how many points you wish to redeem during cart/checkout
  • 100 points = $1.00
  • 10% off coupon when you write reviews
  • Sign up for Newsletters – Sneak peek of new products before they come out
  • Free shipping with $100 or more purchase
  • Join our soap club and save big! Your choice of subscription length and products you want.
  • Save and ship to multiple addresses without having to place more than one order.

So get signed up today, get your marbles in order and be ready for when the next filthy incident comes rolling your way! Check out the beneifts yourself and don’t forget to get signed up to be entered in the free giveaway.  It ends the end of July 2016.