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Handpainted Wine Glasses, Tiles, and Floorcloths

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Handpainted Wine Glasses by Abby Arts.

Abby takes everyday objects and transforms them into extraordinary items. Take, for example, an ordinary set of wine glasses. Handpainted wine glasses start out ordinary but are transformed into something unique and beautiful. They make inexpensive, heartfelt, and useful gifts for just about anyone. Plus, you don’t have to drink wine to enjoy them! These exceptional handpainted wine glasses would make lovely water glasses as well.

Handpainted Tiles

Hanpainted Tile by Abby Arts.

Available in Store

Hanpainted Tile by Abby Arts.

Available in Store

Other ordinary objects that Abby Arts transforms are tiles.  Handpainted tiles have many uses. A series of handpainted tiles in a backsplash adds a touch of irresistible flair, and a sense of personal style to your kitchen.

Handpainted Floorcloths

Fabulous Floorcloths are another item that can be customized to fit your home, or used to add a dash of personal flavor. Traditional floorcloths are made cloth and then painted. The version that Abby creates is painted on linoleum for strength and durability.

Desert Shadows Floorcloth 2x3 a fabulous floorcloth by Abby Arts.

Desert Shadows Floorcloth 2x3
Available in Store

Oriental floorcloth by Abby Arts

Oriental Floorcloth 2x4
Available in Store

They are great for kitchen, bathroom or entryway floors. Since they have several protective layers of varnish they can easily be wiped clean with a cloth. Having a custom handpainted floorcloth in your home is sure to be a nice addition to your home décor.

Giving Back

In the summer and fall Abby teaches faux finishing classes in the studio, and half the proceeds given to local non-profits.

More about Abby Arts

After a 30-year teaching career, overlapped by life-long painting and artistic interests, Abby Alshulter moved into painting full time in '06. Abby has a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Scenic Theater Design and Painting. These same techniques are utilized when she creates a mural, refinishes furniture, crafts beautiful handpainted wine glasses, or handpainted ceramic tiles. These are just a few of Abby’s projects!

Abby is a decorative painter, faux finisher, muralist, stencil artist, and plaster finisher serving the Western Slope of Colorado and beyond. Abby works on projects in homes, businesses, and in the studio. She refinishes furniture and doors, creates fabulous floorcloths, and handpaints ceramic tiles for use as trivets or as wall art.

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