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Handwoven Baskets

Created in Colorado’s feature basket weaver Samantha Jacobs is in her twenty fifth year of basket weaving. She began weaving when she was eleven, learning from a master craftswoman. Samantha’s knowledge extends into Amish style basket weaving as well as eastern Native American twill techniques and patterning. All Samantha’s baskets are completely hand-woven and each are signed and dated.

handwoven baskets

Handwoven Baskets

Modern day basket weaving has been influenced by many different cultures for thousands of years. Basketry continues to be provide a vital role in different countries throughout the world.

Hand woven natural fiber baskets are created by weaving any type of flexible natural fibers in a pattern. This creates a great storage container as well as a displayable piece of workmanship.

Baskets may be woven out of various materials including reed, pine needles and grasses; and actually, I just recently saw alfalfa fiber being used. Basically, any fiber that will weave or braid will create a unique hand woven basket.

Although the necessity use of the basket weaving has passed, we still choose to integrate baskets into our daily storage and home décor.

"The Need to Sort"

We all have the need to provide order in our households. Look in our homes, we love to sort, “to compartmentalize” our stuff. Using containers under our sinks, in our bathrooms, closets, pantries and junk drawers. We just love to “contain” our belongings. Baskets provide organization and sense of style to your home.

For Your Countertops?

The desire for hand woven baskets has been on the rise in home décor for the last decade. They are attractive, inexpensive, non toxic, and so versatile in their uses. Hand woven baskets have incredible flexibility and durability making them a great choice for daily use. They make wonderful laundry baskets or hampers, magazine holders, hearth organizers, fruit bowls and holders for toiletries. I am sure you can think of many other uses around your home, office, ect.

Samantha’s Baskets make great gifts as well. If you are interested in having a custom handwoven basket created, Samantha's Baskets request a 30 day period in which to construct it. Samantha's Baskets does not currently have a gallery available to browse her works. The baskets shown on Created in Colorado are small representation on what Samantha's Baskets can create. Please contact her at 970-327-0308 for further info on purchasing custom handmade natural fiber baskets. Visit our directory to see who else is making high quality made in Colorado handwoven baskets.

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