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All across Colorado, there is a myriad of opportunities to buy fresh produce and other local foods, for which demand is growing. Let us help you find them!

Fresh Produce

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Natural and Organic Beef

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Natural Elk Meat

Canned and Dried Goods

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Photo by Paula Robinson


If you are looking to stock your pantry and refrigerator with local jellies and sauces or wines and beer for your next barbeque, there is likely a local producer nearby.

When choosing the meats you put in your fridge and freezer, consider the benefits of going natural and/or organic. Fortunately, natural beef producers are abundant in Colorado.

Another great, economical source of protein and other nutrients are eggs. Sources of farm-fresh, natural eggs are plentiful in the state.

Weighing the costs and benefits of buying local foods?

It can be expensive and very time-consuming searching for local foods, analyzing labels, and comparing various product prices. Time is money for most of us. But there are many benefits to high-quality food:

- Not only are fresh, local produce and other foods typically more flavorful, they are more likely to foster health and prevent illness than heavily processed foods containing less natural nutritional value.

- Natural and organic meats are free of artificial hormones, with other benefits.

- When you buy fresh foods, you avoid all the label-reading that’s so critical with processed food.

- And when you buy in season, you typically get the best value.

Plus buying locally helps your community’s food producers thrive and keeps more dollars circulating locally.

What are the best sources of fresh, local foods?

- One important option is to contact local producers directly.
- For variety, a great, efficient resource is your local farmers market.

The types of produce available varies depending on where you are in Colorado, but you’re sure to find something tasty in each region.

These are delicious times for Coloradans!

Consumers seeking fresh, local foods are benefiting from an abundance of Colorado farmers markets. These community marketplaces enable farmers to pick produce at the peak of flavor, preserve the nutritional content of fresh produce, and sell direct to the public for a better price (retail) than they’d get from a middle man (wholesale).

Whether consuming it directly from your own garden or from a farmers market, fresh food is something we all crave! And those of us who are fresh food producers relish the little miracles of each new growing season with excitement and gratitude!

Keep in mind....

Keep in mind that availability of your favorite local foods will be seasonal because of Colorado’s climate:

- Learn about the local growing season and the time of year you can enjoy each type of produce at harvest time!

- Then, unless you yourself will be preserving the extra harvest, plan to stock up on Colorado canned or bottled goods, dried fruits, and so on.

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