The Power of Landscapes:
The Lone Cone

What inspires an artist to do what they do?

I am not an artist, but I can see one common denominator amongst our local artists who live in the Southwest Colorado.  The Lone Cone Mountain.  If you are unfamiliar with the Lone Cone it is a volcanic mountain that is part of the San Juan mountain range.  Located South of Norwood and west of Telluride Colorado, the Lone Cone is just as its name describes. 

A lone mountain with no surrounding siblings on the horizon. 

Strikingly beautiful in all seasons, in the winter its capped in snow with its base covered in bare limbed Aspens, Scrub Oaks and snow dusted Pines. Spring and Summer bring life to the mountain with budding green trees and grassy hillsides turning bright, fed by fresh snow melt and sunshine.  Then Fall follows portraying a starkly dark beauty shrouded in the colorful foliage of Autumn. 

With all these stunning seasonal changes this is one inspiring volcanic mountain. 

Below we have composed some incredible pieces of Lone Cone Art.  Paintings, woodblock art, and photography are among the various mediums used to immortalize the majestic mountain.

Do you have a favorite?

Lone Cone across Miramonte
by Shirley Miller


by Jerrod Fast

Lone Cone in Fall

by Ann Swift

Lone Cone beyond Miramonte

submitted by Stephanie Story-Miller

photograph by Jeremy Spor

Lone Cone

by Jackson Ordean

Lone Cone

by Ann Swift

Lone Cone

woodblock print by Meredith Nemirov

Deer in Winter

print by Meredith Nemirov

Lone Cone from Dry Creek Basin

photo by Mont Snyder

Lone Cone Mountain

Baby, Dog, Cone

submitted by Jodie Bennett

Lone Cone Mountain


photo by Bronwyn Wells

Lone Cone Mountain

Lone Cone thru the Pines

photo by Bronwyn Wells

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Lone Cone Mountain, my happy place

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Fallorado by Jarod Fast Nancy Setzer Pyland

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Fallorado By Jerrod fast

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