Lone Cone Cattlewomens Association

How the Lone Cone Cattlewomens Association Began.....

The Lone Cone Cattlewomens Association was started in 1997 by a group of extraordinary ladies that wanted to help promote the beef industry of the West End in Montrose and San Miguel Counties. They cover a large area, from Norwood, Nucla, Naturita and the Paradox Valley.

The Lone Cone Cattlewomens Association is a community organization focused on promoting and educating local communities about the importance of agriculture, and its role in our society.

Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

As many of us are aware, much of our society has a deep misunderstanding of how their food becomes, well, food. Many of us choose to not make the connection from farm to table. For our younger generations, often this is because they don’t understand where their food comes from.

The Lone Cone Cattlewoman’s Association’s goal is to promote that awareness in our community: teaching about the path from farm to table that all of our food takes. They do this by distributing agricultural information, and giving presentations in local schools about the importance of the Farm to Table cycle in our daily lives.

In addition, The Lone Cone Cattlewomen award two $1,000.00 scholarships to deserving graduating seniors within the Norwood and West End School Districts. Call Lorraine Garvey to learn more about the scholarships, 970.864.7498. Other contributions to the community include donating prizes to local 4-H Clubs.

Brand Book

Communities look to the Lone Cone Cattlewomen’s Association for a locally compiled brand book. The State of Colorado puts out a very large edition of every brand in the state, but its just that - very large. The brand book that the Lone Cone Cattlewomen distribute contains just local brands. This book is a real treasure for many ranchers around the area. Look for a new edition possibly in 2013-2014.

All community involvement is supported by fundraisers that each local club performs. The Lone Cone Cattlewomen have two very unique items for sale. 100% of proceeds go back to club to fund community projects. See the following:

Brand Blanket

Brand Blanket
This brand blanket is completely compiled of local brands. The artwork was done entirely by members, and it is a truly beautiful accomplishment. These afghans are durable enough for daily use and beautiful enough for display. Available in Created In Colorado Store.

Best of the Lone Cone Cookbook

Another local treasure that the Lone Cone Cattlewomen have created is a cookbook compiled of local recipes and collections from different households in the area. Recipes range from the best loved dishes made by grandma that have been passed down through the generations, to culinary creations recently added to family files. They were originally written in dog-eared notebooks, recorded on recipe cards in a well-worn box, and some of these recipes were even found in a fragile leather-bound cookbook in an attic. However they were preserved, they form an enduring collection as unique and varied as each family itself.  Available in Created In Colorado Store.

For more information about the Lone Cone Cattlewomens Association, Contact:

Lorraine Garvey
PO Box 6
Redvale, Co 81431


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