What's New Spring Edition
Made in Colorado Companies now featured on Created In Colorado

The last couple of months we have had the opportunity to add some incredible producers to the website.  We have been bragging on them on social media quite a bit, but just in case you missed out, here is a short recap of some really neat made in Colorado movers and shakers.

East Mesa Design – Handcrafted Unique Etched Glassware

East Mesa Designs home page totes the message, “It will be great, you will see.”  And you know, I think Deanna Multz has arrived.  The items that she and her team create are awesome, incredible and totally unique.  All etching artwork on glassware is created entirely by hand.  If you are looking unique gift items (that are also made in Colorado), for coffee sippers, beer drinkers, wine tasters and even those one your list that love BACON, visit www.eastmesadesign.com

Prideful Wellness – Handcrafted Vegan Soap and Swedish Massage

Do you struggle with your gosh darned skin in the changing severe weather we have in Colorado?  Maybe you should check out Prideful Wellness Vegan Soaps.  Kelly Whitney of Prideful Wellness is worked hard to create a gentle line of vegan soaps, made in Colorado, locally and organically sourced when possible.  And you can get these soaps through a monthly subscription! That’s right, handcrafted gentle soap could arrive on your doorstep each month,  no call or trip necessary.  Visit http://www.created-in-colorado.com/vegansoap-pridefulwellness.html#soapsub

Jobsite Inc – Rapid Prototyping and Inventor Help

Are you an inventor with an idea, but seriously have no way to bring that idea to life? Or you know that your idea can be manufactured on a 3 D Printer, but don’t have access to one?  You should contact Jobsite Inc.  They specialize in rapid prototyping and inventor help.  So if you are ready to take the next step, contact Jobsite Inc and see what they can do for you!

Parker Pastures - Grass Fed Lamb and Beef

How many of you enjoyed roasted lamb this last Easter?   Do you have a reliable local source for your lamb? If not then you should contact Parker Pastures.  They raise grass fed lamb and beef. Whole Lambs are available as well as quarters, halves or a whole beef.  They offer delivery of these bulk meats to Montrose, Telluride, Salida, Buena Vista, Boulder, and the Denver Metro Area. And they would consider elsewhere, just contact them!  They also offer a weekly meat share to the areas of Montrose, Gunnison and Crested Butte.  If you don’t have a large storage freezer, this is such a great opportunity! Make your order on their website today, http://parkerlandmanagement.com/

Prospector Soils – 100% Natural Compost

If you garden could talk it would say something like this, “For my first meal this year before you plant seeds in me I would like some Prospector Soils 100% Natural Compost.  It sounds delicious and I know it would make my soil so much more effective!”  With that being said, how could you tell your garden no? Prospector Soil is 100% Natural Handcrafted Made In Colorado Compost.  This means ZERO chemical add-ins (no inoculants, chemicals, fertilizers, or human waste).  So if you are looking for a quality compost, look no further.  

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So there they are! Thanks for tuning it and watch out for a What’s New Summer Addition.  As always check our directories, you might just complete you shopping list and never leave the site!