Moisturizing Lip Balm Head. Tinted Tilly. Lipstick Wardrobe Girl. 

What are your lips saying about you?       

What you put on your lips says a lot about you, or so it has been said. Are you are Moisturizing Lip Balm Head, a Tinted Tilly, or a Lipstick Wardrobe Girl?

So, what just are they saying about you? Read on to see....

A. Original Unscented Moisturizing Lip Balm

Steady and Ready: You are a pragmatic steady no nonsense type of person.  You will have the same tube of moisturizing lip balm for months, never misplacing it or losing it.  Your lip balm will never take an unexplained trip through the washing machine, and when that tube is used up, you will replace it with another just like it.  Try Bonnies Balm Healing Lip Balm: it’s clear, unscented and moisturizes with Bonnies Balms Healing Juniper Oil. It is especially formulated to keep your lips from cracking during the changing seasons. (I keep this in my car and saddle bags, and yes, mine sometimes takes trips through the washing machine!) Also a wonderful choice is Lily's Farm Fresh Skin Care Kissable Lips Balm.  The best go to to get kissably soft lips.

B. Clear or Lightly Tinted Lip Balm

Flirty but Serious: You are a fun and flirty but can also lean toward the serious side.  You like the look of a gloss because is not as committing as lipstick, but it still enhances and moisturizes your lips, some color is ok, but ONLY some. 
Try Colorado Aromatics Lip Balm Tubes.
 Colorado Aromatics lip balm comes in two flavors,  Cocoa Tango infused with real organic cocoa powder or Wild Mint which is made with mint infused oil and peppermint essential oil. 

C. The Lipstick Wardrobe Girl

Bold and a Bit Bossy: You are bold and tend to be bossy, the darker the shade the further you tend to assert yourself. You can spend hours in the makeup isle perusing lipstick shades.  You like to wear a variety of colors depending on your mood, but you can swing towards a gloss or tinted lip balm when necessary.  Try Lemongrass Spa Products Lipsticks and Lip Tints: All the Lemongrass Spa Products are formulated with natural safe ingredients, including their organic creme long lasting lipsticks.

How I tested out..

I certainly lean towards the third personality with small debuts as a Tinted Tilly.  From a young age I associated my lips as the only feature I had that had to have something on them before I left the house, they were my feature…then I got older, busier and leaving the house with my hair brushed and clean clothes on myself and the kids became the new goal of each morning.  But I still hate leaving me poor lips naked…..they don’t like the sun, dislike the wind very much and most of all they hate to be pale.  So what is my solution? I stash lip balm, lipstick, gloss, and other nourishing skin lip products everywhere I can of course!  

Regardless of Lip Care Personality....

Regardless of what your lips say about you, make sure you are putting high quality nourishing products on them. Many commercial lip balms and lip care products on the market contain ingredients that you should simply not be putting so near your mouth.  Bleckkk! So complete your natural organic skin care regimen with local handmade products with verifiable ingredients that are placed in products with care and a purpose, not as a filler to create cheap cosmetics.

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