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Sign up here for Created In Colorado's Monthly Full Membership Subscription.  (proceed with this subscription button only after you have paid $60 content creation fee)

Below is what is included:

  • Traffic attracting content page describing your business or product using relevant keywords and keyword tagged images.  
  • Gallery page to promote individual products and/or art, descriptions and prices can be included here
  • Featured Directory Listing in relevant directories on site including description, contact info, location and picture
  • Social media marketing for your business via FacebookPinterest, Twitter, Google+, E-Newsletters, and related content blogs
  • Access to our Online Store

All of these web marketing services for a monthly fee of $20/month, (plus one time $60 content creation charge.)

Full Membership $20/month

We will be in touch with you soon after payment is completed! We can't wait to begin working with you.

Thanks! Laura and Nathalie

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