Monthly Subscription for your SOAP?

That's right, a monthly subscription for your soap, have you ever considered such a thing?

So many of us subscribe to items on Amazon, purchase magazine subscriptions and others products through a monthly subscription for convenience.  You enjoy a product and sign up to have it regularly delivered, sometimes at discounted price.  So can if Amazon can do it, why can’t small retailers of quality unique items do the same?

What if those coveted handcrafted and locally produced items that you love were available in a convenient monthly subscription?  Forget forgotten trips to the farmers market or phone calls to order when you run out, your favorite items could be arriving at your door on a monthly basis, no reminders or driving necessary!

So….why don’t the little guys participate in subscriptions as well?  We are not sure, but one thing we are sure of is this, we would like to start a trend, we’re calling it the “Little Guy Subscription”, quality handcrafted/locally produced items and products delivered monthly right to your doorstep.  You specify the amount and shipping frequency, just like with the big dogs.

Prideful Wellness monthly subscription now, more to come in the future.......

Pridefull Wellness Vegan Soap

Visit Prideful Wellness to learn more about about the monthly subscription they offer and more details about the vegan soaps they produce.

We will be adding more companies in the future, but right now we have one company you can order quality handmade vegan soap through on a regular basis, this company is Prideful Welness, LLC and they just began offering a monthly vegan soap subscription.  Subscribe to receive 4, 6, 8 or 10 bars per month, with discounted pricing on 6, 8 and 10! 

Keep your household easily stocked up.   How often does your family burn through a bar of soap? How many areas do you need to stock?

Why natural handmade soaps?

Quality handmade soaps are a great place to start if you are trying to live a “cleaner lifestyle”. By taking something so simple as traditional skin care products out of your daily routine and replacing them with a healthy products could make a big impact on your skin health as well as your internal health, because don’t forget you skin is you largest organ and so absorptive! You can find a lot of choices to fill your beauty drawers and countertops in our Skin Care Colorado Directory.  Check it out!