Its not the Easter Bunny, its online marketing

It’s not the Easter Bunny, it’s online marketing. 

And yes.

It’s real.

And your company should probably be doing some sort of online marketing.  But the good news is there is always a starting place.  Everyone has one, and below I share mine.

I was once in the “Easter Bunny Camp”, not really sure whether I bought the whole “sell online, find your inner entrepreneurial self, build it and they will come” outlook. 

But low and behold, I was brought into the fold by a friend that did believe. That friend was Nathalie Bouchard, co-founder of Created In Colorado, fierce entrepreneur, and a believer in the power of the online marketing. 

She saw the larger picture of where things were going, how small companies could do great things, and how if you were a business owner you had better hop on the online marketing train before it pulled out of the station.

Nathalie did this, and on her way by she jerked me onto that train by my collar. 

This online marketing crazy train travels on a winding and unforeseen track, but it does exist, and if you keep your eye on the map, you can catch a glimpse of where you are going and how next to react.

The online marketing train that we are on consists of an ever-changing landscape of SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing and could ultimately be one of the most important tools your company has at its disposal to create growth and connect with customers.

Online Marketing - How this Concept Guarantees Growth for Your Business

Using the tools in the online marketing tool box – content marketing, SEO, and social media, etc. – companies are creating consistent results. 

So tell me, which of you are already on the train with us, and which of you still need to join?  Participate in our questionnaire to help us better understand the answer to this, or connect with us directly.

We would be very interested in knowing more about your experiences and struggles with online marketing concepts.