Outdoor Garden Art

There are lots of ideas about what, exactly, garden art is. Some of us still think of the classic Pink Flamingo and other animals that were stuck into many of America’s front yards during the sixties and beyond.

Or maybe the gnomes come to mind? Today, your choices for decorating and designing your outdoor living space are numerous.

Your garden preference?

When designing your outdoor living area, your personal preferences can be your guide. When it comes to choosing plants and flowers that will thrive in your yard, gardening books and magazines are great tools. When you get to the decorating your patio, lawn, or garden, consider Colorado produced garden art. All kinds of options are available that you might not have have even considered!

Custom Outdoor Furniture

Some sort of seating area in your outdoor living space has many benefits. It is rewarding to have a place to enjoy and admire the hard work you have done, and the beauty you have created. Outdoor entertaining is greatly enhanced when guests have somewhere to make themselves comfortable!

Did you know that quality custom outdoor furniture is being made right here in Colorado? It is not the typical metal, plastic and fabric stuff that often comes to mind. Think instead: limestone benches covered in living lichens and mosses. These blend beautifully into any garden or yard. They are works of art and great conversation pieces.

Stone Benches covered in moss too earthy for your style? Consider a masterfully carved wooden bench. These impressive benches are created by carving a massive pine log with a chainsaw. The sheer will and creative eye of the artist guide the powerful saw with precise movements, revealing functional and beautiful pieces of furniture. What nature has created, artisans can embrace and turn into stunning works of art.

More traditional pieces are also available from local Colorado furniture creators. Look in our Outdoor Garden Art Directory and Custom Home Furnishings Directory for all the different choices available to adorn your outdoor living areas.

Garden Art (Yard Decor)

Having a few well-placed pieces of art can enhance the look of your garden. For instance, a wrought iron bunny hopping through your daffodils draws attention to your flowers. To enhance those favorite places in your garden, choose items that fit your style. A bird bath carved from limestone looks natural in almost any garden or landscape, as does a well-filled wrought iron planter. Horse shoe art can be appreciated by everyone - whether you're a horse person or not! How could you make this sentence better? These are all available from Colorado businesses.

Iron Outdoor Garden Art

The great thing about iron garden art is that it doesn’t rot, doesn’t disintegrate, and it’s definitely not toxic to your family or pets. In fact, it might even benefit your plants! Check out our Garden Art Directory for great local Colorado made pieces, and check back often - we are always adding more Colorado businesses, so you can always find something to suit your tastes!

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