Rox Unique
Outdoor Garden Art, Stone Bird Baths and Benches

Imagine this......

It’s a beautiful late spring day. You are are relaxing on a outdoor garden art natural stone bench. Your garden has been roused from its winter slumber, buds ready to blossom on your trees and bushes, perennials putting out inches of foliage each day, tulips gleefully blooming in the warm sun, and birds bathing in a natural stone bird bath handcrafted by Rox Unique.

Natural Stone Bird Bath

Stone Bird Baths

Rox Unique creates beautiful one of a kind and handcrafted stone bird baths, stone benches.  Each piece of outdoor garden art that Rox Unique creates is a truly unique piece of functional art.

All Natural Ingredients Make All Natural Products

Tony and Tamara of Rox Unique hand select each rock individually, and decide its personality or purpose. Depending on its size and other attributes, it could become a custom handcrafted stone bird bath, a stone garden bench, or perhaps a beloved pet burial marker. The stone bird baths that Rox Unique creates are hand rubbed with all natural beeswax to protect the stone and retain water.

Garden Art by Rox Unique

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Learn more and shop for your own stone bird bath and other one of kind pieces of functional garden art, handcrafted by Rox Unique by visiting their website, Browse their generous selection of bird baths, garden benches, and other stone art.

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