The Price of Beef
One Woman's Perspective

Have you ever wondered why the price of beef is higher than other meats? Well, recently I had a conversation that explained it all.

It was 1980 something and Lucinda Brunx a Colorado born but since California made girl returned home to Norwood Colorado for a weekend of fun with her family.  While home she was invited along on a cattle drive with her sister’s spouse, Blane.

Don’t you know an adventure of some kind is coming?

Well you might not know this, but there was sure one to follow, at least it seemed so from a green city slicker such as she.  As it went Lucinda had brought her fiancé along with her, and naturally he was up for a cowboyin adventure as well.  So off they went.  375 mother cows and their calves were to be driven by horseback down the treacherous Norwood Hill and then up Blacksnake Trail to a pasture called Craigs Point. 

Beginning in the wee hours of daylight they took the herd down the hill then up the trail.  Somewhere in the middle of the upward climb up Blacksnake Trail Lucinda’s Fiancé opted out.  And by that I mean ditched the herd, his horse and his fiancé to travel back to town with the lunch wagon.  Six hours of hard riding into it they reached the top of the Mesa they called Craigs Point.

 “Hooraw” Lucinda exclaimed, “Were done!” relief washed over her as she realized she did not have to pretend anymore that her buttocks and thighs were not quivering with fatigue. 

Koonzie, a weathered veteran of the range grined back at her, “Done? We just got started.”

Lucinda was confused by this because she was sure their destination was “Craigs Point”.

“Do you hear those mama’s and babies hollerin? We have to wait until they have mothered before our jobs done,” Koonzie said with finality. His look brooking no argument.

“Oh.  How long will that take do you suppose?” Lucinda inquired.

To this neither Blane nor Koonzie replied, they just got off their horses, jerked their gear off and laid down to rest against their saddles preparing for the long evening ahead.

But instead of feeling frustrated, Lucinda found herself finding peace with the mingling smells of pines, cattle and bruised grass combined with the mewing of the cattle as they mothered into the evening. 

grass fed beef

This is when she came to realize why the price of beef is so darn high.  :)

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