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Shoe Cobblers and Beyond

Some of us might be surprised to learn that people still make footwear by hand – much less in Colorado! There are, however, many talented shoemakers and cobblers right here in our own backyard.

Your shoes speak...

More than any other item of clothing, shoes often tell a story about their owner. We use shoes to dress up, slippers to dress down, boots to work, and sandals to play.

Great shoemakers reflect a combination of passion and craftsmanship that is slipping away in a modern era of department stores and overseas production. Considering, however, how much time many of us spend on our feet, why not find a pair of shoes that has been lovingly and carefully crafted, that will last you many years and many miles?

Saving your shoes

And when a favorite pair of shoes does begin to show its age, why not take it to a dedicated and capable shoe repairman? No need to throw away that beloved pair of boots when the talent and the tools exist to mend them.

Your worn down and well-loved boots and shoes are exactly what keeps talented and resourceful shoe cobblers employed. What’s more, plenty of shoes can be repaired – not just your fancy ‘special occasion only’ boots, but also your day-to-day foot apparel. If you walk in it, chances are that a shoe cobbler can extend its life and usefulness.

Shoe repair is, alas, a dying art. While shoe cobblers used to pass their skills down to their children, they must now compete with the shoemakers who churn out shoes made from cheaper and often specialized materials.

Colorado Shoes

You have a unique opportunity, right here in Colorado, to support both local shoemakers and local shoe cobblers. When you choose to buy shoes made by local artisans, you are also ensuring the livelihoods of the talented folks who are capable of repairing those very shoes!

Two great directories are available to assist you both in purchasing made in Colorado shoes, or to have your well worn footwear repaired.

Browse our Colorado Shoes Directory to find out where to purchase made in Colorado shoes.

Or, if you are in need of shoe repair browse our Colorado Shoe Cobbler Directory.


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